Sunday, 31 August 2008


I have been an avid follower of {Create}'s Challenges and I am very happy to say that I never missed one since they started. My scrap girlfriends and I joined them on their first crop and it was a blast. That's why I was very excited when I received an email from Ed (founder of {Create}} inviting me to join the Creative Team. How could I say No! {Create} has been a part of my monthly creations. And, I am very honored to be part of the team.

Please do check out the site! The introduction of the new Creative has been posted! Wonderful ladies and a great challenges are in store for everyone every month!

Remember my abc sneak peak? Please watch out for the revelation tomorrow! That's for {Create}'s September challenge!

It's gonna be fun!

Saturday, 30 August 2008


A sneak of my Scrapbook Challenges' layout! Head on to their Site, lots of scrapbooking goodness! Everybody is welcome, please create your MySpace (if you haven't yet) and join the fun!

Friday, 29 August 2008


This is my first attempt to alter wood and I ran out of time hahaha this was supposed to be Teacher's Day gifts to Dawter T's adviser and Chinese teacher. I painted one with pink MM acrylic paint, the other will just have to be given "naked". Very simple. But, I hope her teachers will like it.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ready for Scrapbook Challenges?

Got some awesome news! Yey, yey, yey! I got accepted to be part of Scrapbook Challenges. To the rest of the design team, Congratulations! Looking forward to playing with you!

Please check out the group at MySpace! Pretty exciting activities and challenges!

Thank you very much to Pamela for this wonderful opportunity!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Little Princess

This is my entry to The Sketch Olympics. I am representing Philippines! Woohoo! The game for week 1 was Cycling, the layout must have circle embellishments and polka dot patterned papers.

All week long, I have been thinking of what's the best way for me to interpret the challenge. The thing is I am "circle" challenged. But, all day Saturday while we were packing our stuffs, the carriage kept on popping in my head. It's a good way to interpret "circles" but the hard part is choosing the patterned papers.

I don't know if I have my own marathon to finish the DCWV Nana papers but I just kept going back to them! And, they proved fit to this layout. Dawter T and I researched Cinderella's carriage in the internet, what got me stumped was the wheels and the other things attached to the carriage. Well, my ever favorite AC Thickers got this Chipboard Accents and I have it in gold! So, I cut the swirls in half and attached them to carriage! Voila! Dawter T's own carriage!

The picture was taken when Dawter T was just a year old!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Dawter T is 6!

Happy 6th Birthday to my dear princess! I cannot believe how time flies.

She has grown up to be a very good daughter (though she continuously tries our patience because of her eating habits), a sister who cares and a friend who's very thoughtful.

She's still young in our eyes. She loves art and I hope she pursue this. I am amazed by her creativity and sometimes couldn't believe that it comes from her. She loves watching tv (who doesn't!) and would always insist to turn to channel 33 or 34 (arghhhh!). She's very adept in computer and can even draw through MS Paint hehehe.

She loves bread more than rice. She can eat three Bread Talk Cheese bread in one sitting. She can finish half of Gardenia's raisin loaf. She just doesn't get fat hehehe let's give thanks for that... But, Sister C always tell me that she and I were skinny when we were young and look at us now! Hahaha...

I am at work as I write this. I wouldn't be able to join Pre, my daughters, Sister C and Ate A as they trek to St. Francis later for Dawter T's school celebration. I am terribly sad. The good thing though is that Pre would get to see the celebration.

"Thank you, Lord for another year! Please continue to bless Dawter T."

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

One Off My Checklist

My life is a bunch of lists nowadays --- I get to strike off one as I have finished Dawter T's goodie water bottles. We had a good find at last month's toy sale at Takashimaya. We bought Power Puff (yes Dawter T likes them!) and Power Rangers waters bottles to give to her classmates on Friday. I try to give away something that would be of good use. Dawter T, my ever creative lass, thought of putting some candies and biscuits inside the water bottle. What a great idea! I don't need to put them in paper/plastic bags. So, what I did was to use my scraps of paper, crimped (using Mareng M's gift) then put her classmates' names on it. Voila! Instant Goodie bottle!

Like what Mareng M said, probably next year, Dawter T will be making her own goodie bags hahaha

Saturday, 16 August 2008


The last layout that I had to complet for my daughter's ABC album. Oh, how I love the DCWV Nana papers, the color and the glittery papers are just so apt for kids' layouts. I've finally let go of the animal papers in the collection. It pained me to cut them but it's their time hehehe
This is also my entry for {Create}'s challenge which is about animal love. My daughters took after their father in this one. They are all fond of animals.

Good Times

This is a last minute entry at Laine's Red, White and Circle Stamp challenge. The picture was taken when we were wrapping up Bebi A's 1st birthday party. I can't believe that bald, thin little girl is now 3 years old and will probably weigh more than Dawter T in a few week's time. Dawter T is 3 years old then.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


It's almost the end of the week, I am excited to go home because tonight I plan to scrap (Pre and kids permit hehehe). I guess I got inspired by the new arrivals (but won't be going near any of my LSS until the new Sassafras papers in in town). I was awed by the limited edition of Mod Podge but hands-off first.

I hope I will be able to create a few more layouts before I pack my scrapbooking supplies. Yep, we're moving soon! Oh, just thinking of packing then unpacking makes me want to just close my eyes and wish that our things will pack and unpack by itself. Hahaha.

Enough rambling, Happy Thursday Everyone!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thank You

I would like to thank all of you who took their time to leave a note. I had fun reading them!

When I was still in the Philippines, I used to travel from Binan, Laguna to Taft (when I was still studying) or Makati (when I was already working). Before riding the bus, my uncle-in-law (hehehe) and I would buy something from Wendy's so that if ever there was a heavy traffic jam, we won't get hungry. We would eat inside the bus while we travel, hmmm how I miss their Bacon Cheesebuger! Back then, I was either daydreaming, reading or sleeping.

When I came here to Singapore, we chose strategic locations, those near or at least 20-25 minutes away from our workplace. But, this new job is a different case. I am so stubborn in not taking the mrt. I want the convenience of the bus even though it will take a lot more time. For the past two weeks, I slept, finished watching 24's season 6, read and listen to music. I also prayed. I guess it's my quiet time with God amidst the noise.

Oki, without further ado, the winner of the RAK is..........


1. Enjoy and appreciate the view outside (no other choice if you're stuck in traffic)

2. I pray (no kidding, after a long day's work, i recap what happened during the day and say my Thank You prayer and that i'm going home safely)

3. If done with 1 & 2, last resort is to SLEEP. No reading nor cellphone as it's not relaxing for me.

Congratulations! Please email me your address at

Thank you all for joining!

Friday, 8 August 2008


Day before National Day and we can see people wearing red. My daughter is going to wear red/white today and she, along with her classmates, has a presentation in school. She's a bit shy whenever we ask her to "perform" in front of us so what we did to encourage her is to ask her to teach us the song. It seemed to have worked but she forgot some parts so I am crossing my fingers that she will remember it today at school, hahaha...

I still haven't created anything this week. Hopefully, I can tinker with my stuffs later or tomorrow while watching Korean series. But, boy, it is hard to scrap while reading those subtitles hahaha.

The RAK is ongoing until 11:59PM Singapore time and would really love to read your notes. *wink*

Thanks and have a great friday!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

It's A Matter Of Getting Used To

Backtracking, the past two months has been the worst and the best of my life. But, as Barry Manilow's song says "I've made it through the rain." Life goes on.

I have been sleeping late but not because I am scrapbooking. I have been attending meetings left and right. Being in a new place is no joke, I have to study their processes and procedures. I am so used to my lawless ways that's why it is such a big change for me. Last time I can do things my way, but now, before I do things, I have to ask questions and make sure that I am not stepping toes nor ideals. Then, there's the differences in time zone. I get to talk to my Hungarian colleagues by 245PM (Singapore time) but I have to lugged my notebook from JE to Serangoon if I want to ask questions (online) to my US colleagues (around 10PM Singapore time). Tiring, Exciting and Scary. That's the mixed emotions running through me. But, I am not complaining (yet hahaha).

The bus ride is long and sometimes there will be a jam around Toa Payoh, so near yet so far. But, I get to arrive before 8pm so it's just in time for dinner.

As the blog title says, it's just a matter of getting used to. Though by time I am already used to this route, our current lease will expire and we would be moving to a new place (the new rent price is so high that I wanted to laugh out loud when my landlady informed --- $3000!!!) and I have to take another route. But, it's ok for me to experience traffic jams and long travel times, but come September, Dawter T will be the one travelling from our new home to her school. I pray that she will be able to adjust well.

To celebrate new beginnings, one lucky person will be chosen to receive a RAK. All are welcome (local and international) to leave a note in this post about what you usually do when you are in a long bus ride and stucked in a traffic jam. Thank you very much for indulging me!

(RAK consists of the following items : Autumn Leaves Cute World Clear Stamps - Boy, See~ds Swirl Borders 6 Stamps, AC Thickers Chipboard Accents (Wine-Metallic), Love, Elsie Jack & Abby Alpha Stickers, Love, Elsie Noel Rub-Ons, MME Party Girls transparency, Prima Fancies flowers, Zig White Pen, Doodlebug White Flower Eyelets, brads, ribbons)

Deadline will be on 8.8.2008 11:59PM. Will announce the winner on Singapore's 43rd birthday, 9 August 2008.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


This is a scraplift from Sister C.

Last July 3, I wrote that I want to scrap an LO about me. It was at the back of my mind the whole month and it stayed there until last night. It may not be the exact sentiments but this is what I see myself this year --- the year I turned 33.

There were so many challenges that came and overpassed, there were a lot of adult decisions that was made and needs to be done this year. I thank the Lord for giving me and my family the strength and provisions.

Friday, 1 August 2008

I scrapped, I was Inspired, I created

Thank to Scrap Inspire Create! My layout, Thea is Two, was chosen as July {Birthday} Challenge winner! It was so coincidental that July is birthday month also!

Once more, Thea is Two layout...

Please visit their site as they have a wonderful August Challenge.

Dawter T is on Pagemaps!

I am very excited to tell you that "the Becky Fleck" has given Mareng M and myself the chance to be Friends of Pagemaps this August. Being on Pagemaps is really a dream come true, I've followed Pagemaps (month after month) eversince I came to know about the site.

The sketch that Becky sent was a challenge for me. And, it took 3 paper combinations before I finally found the look that I wanted. Talk about pressure. Hehehe. But, it is a great feeling! Thank you very much, Becky! I really appreciate this opportunity!

This picture of Dawter T was taken last January 2007 at Sentosa. I used Bazzil Basics cardstock, Heidi Grace patterned papers, Adornit stickers, MM ribbon label and Prima Flowers.

Thank you for sharing in my joy!