Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Peek At February

Yu Kuai

That means happy in Mandarin. I checked it from the internet and hopefully, it really means happy.

The CNY holidays proved to be more stressful than relaxing. Bebi A had a bout of asthma, her inhaler ran out and there goes the holiday. She couldn't sleep well so it follows that we didn't have enough sleep as well.
Had some more issues but that took a back seat from my Bebi's coughing fits.

Please check out the other design team member's take on Pamela's Sketch 127! Awesome layouts from the DT! Every week they don't fail to amaze me!
And the "I AM NOT A BABY" layout was chosen as pick of the week at Scrapbook Challenges! Thank you, thank you, Pamela!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

So excited for the coming Chinese New Year, not because we're celebrating it but because there's no work this coming Monday and Tuesday. Time to relax at home with the family. Here's Bebi A this morning on her way to school. She was so excited today that she woke up as soon as she heard her Daddy's alarm, she ate breakfast today and was so so excited to wear this Chinese costume. This is a hand me down from Dawter T.

I Am Not

Here's my take on Dream Girls' Use Your Stash Challenge. Found this blog through Mareng B's cool links. Used Basic Grey's Infuse and some Stemma papers. The challenge is that you use papers older than 6 months, it has to have tearing and the tile should have "I AM NOT".
I couldn't think of something after the I'M NOT for this photo. But, I remember one day that Bebi A said she's not a baby, she's Andi. Hehehe. Oh well.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Industrial Park

Head on to Scrap Within Reach for another giveaway! This time they're showcasing another new collection, Industrial Park!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


My take on this week's sketch at Scrapbook Challenges. Check out the designs of the other DTs! And, don't forget, sending an LO for this week's sketch and challenges will give you more chances to win January's prize! What are you waiting for?

Hail to the Queen!

Go check out Queen & Co. blog for a chance to win some goodies!

Got An Award

From Ces and Chipmunk! Thank you, thank you!

Mention 5 addictions and pass on the award to 5 other fab blogs!
  1. Scrapbooking
  2. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
  3. Potato Chips (But, it has been 7 months since I last tasted one --- I am in rehab!)
  4. Reading Books
  5. Blogging

I am passing these on to :

  1. Pamela
  2. Vivi
  3. Ed
  4. Lily
  5. Sister C

Monday, 19 January 2009

The Cardstock Challenge

For this week, the challenge is NOT TO USE patterned papers on your layout.It's time for the patterned papers to take a back seat. Unearth those punchers and tools, and paper piece. You can also layer, tear, do anything you like with those cardstocks.

The requirement is to use at least 3 different colors of cardstock. No limits on other embellishments. And there shouldn't be ANY patterned papers on the layout.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Oh So Yummy!

Happy Blogoversary to Kerry of Three Clovers Design!

And, because of that, she's giving away really awesome blog candies! Check her out HERE!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

To Cute#1

I am happy to inform my friend Cute#1 that the layout, Unbound, which I did for her (and I am keeping now hehehe) was also chosen for publication at SNR. This layout was done using Pamela's sketch!

It's all because of her face. (naks!)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

RAK Alert

Who wants papers? ---> Me, Me, Me! Hehehe...

Michelle, a Pinay from Canada, is giving away 47 pieces of yummy patterned papers. Just leave a comment [click HERE] until Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:59PM (Mountain Standard Time). She'll ship those papers wherever you are!

Isn't it cool?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sketch 125

How time flies! Dawter T is now in Primary One. She's happy with her school, maybe because it's easy for her to make friends.
My take on Sketch 125 at Scrapbook Challenges. Do check our this week's challenges! This month's sponsor is Chatterbox!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Scrap Within Reach's new look

Yep, SWR's new website is up! Do check it out if you have time, lots of wonderful goodies!

And, don't forget to leave a comment at SWR's blog for a chance to win the new Afternoon Tea collectgion!

Family Photo

We didn't have a Christmas photo for 2008. No New Year's as well. It seemed like Christmas just passed by and we didn't really feel it. I couldn't go back anymore, we've kept the tree to have more space at home. Oh well, I'll remember 2008 as the year when we didn't have a photo hahaha.

But, we're starting 2009 with one. Bebi A was asked to bring a family photo. So, we took time to pose for one at Istana Park. Hehe.


After our December hiatus, we're starting 2009 with Hope at Scrappers At SG. It's a year of uncertainties but most people I know are hoping that 2009 will be bestowed with blessings far more than we expect.

I always liked Emily Dickenson's saying about Hope. I was supposed to use my Rhonna Farrer rub-ons (the one in tin can). Unfortunately, those unused rub-ons could not be "rubbed" anymore. Wahhh! That's what I got from not using my supplies. I was a bit dissapointed because I liked that very much.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I Want?

Do you remember my lo, I want to grow old with you?

It's been accepted for publication by Scrapbook News and Review! Woohoo!

Friday, 9 January 2009


Even though I was off for 2 days, I couldn't helped but wish for the weekend to come. Weekend means a few hours of me time --- time to scrap. I make it a point to scrap. Just to free my mind from my everyday worries which are piling up these past few weeks. But, now I choose not to worry but I will still scrap. Hehe. Life goes on.

Bebi A cried in my arms this morning when I brought her to the school bus. When the bus moved, she was still calling me and it broke my heart to let her go like that. But, when she came back, she was so happy. She has a lot of stories to tell. Now, we think she's just not used to waking up early. Haha. Poor girl. A few nights back, she told me not to wake her when the sun is still not up! Funny!

Dawter T is doing ok though I feel tense whenever she comes home from school. I always ask if she has Chinese homework. Haha. That's my worst fear everyday. Ok, let's inset here ---> I choose not to worry. She has Chinese tuition every Wednesday. The tutor is quite good but doesn't speak English. She always has an interpreter when she calls us. I think that's fine. I want her to talk to Dawter T in Chinese so that it will be easier for her. But, 1.5 hours a week and n number of hours of Chinese at school will still be challenging for Dawter T. So, one of my goals is to study Chinese. Haha. (My officemate already doubtful and laughing at me)

Anyway, I hope everybody will have a great weekend! I'm off to Dawter T's school tomorrow to study Chinese and a dental appointment at night. Busy weekend!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The 50th

Please check out Scrap Within Reach's blog. They are giving away some goodies to the 50th person who makes a comment on the new AFTERNOON TEA COLLECTION (which I tell you are just gorgeous)! What are you waiting for?

The Tear Ducts Have Dried

All morning, I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing because of Bebi A. Because she cried so much yesterday, she threw up at school. There was a bit of an improvement yesterday because she seemed happy when she told us about the star (suhol) she got from teacher and the friends she made at school. We thought she'd be excited today.

But, that's not the case. This morning, she cried when she took the bus.

I kept on looking at the time. I received sms from Ate A that my little girl arrived home happy and boasted that she didn't cry at school! Hallelujiah! Hehehe. I am one happy mom!

I wonder what stories she will tell me when I arrive home tonight.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Saga Continues

So, the crying continued yesterday. I tried to exercise tough love at school. I didn't go to her when she was crying and almost wailing. But, the last few minutes, my soft heart crumbled and I showed my face to her. She cried, "Mommy, come!" She was really heartbroken because she ignored the indoor playground, she didn't play with the ball, slide and the house. She wouldn't budge from the seat near the piano.

But, one thing holds true, she has a healthy appetite! Haha. Because she gobbled her cheeze sandwich even though tears were rolling down her cheeks. And she had the gall to tell Ate A that she finished eating first! Mwahahaha.

Bebi A is so funny.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sketch 124

She's my childhood buddy. She's close to me like a sister. We shared toys (or not!), we played mud. Her home was in the same compound as mine. We went to the movies together. We've had food trips. We lazed around on Saturday and Sunday afternoons doing absolutely nothing. We would talk about our hopes, dreams.

After 21 years... She left for the States to be with family. It was a sad day. Although I know that we can still talk, can still write. It was different.

After a few years, she came back to the Philippines to be in my wedding entourage. But, we didn't get to talk much. I was busy becoming a wife hahaha. She also came here in Singapore last May. Seeing her happy made me happy as well. We talked, she shared her heartaches. She has gone through a lot. And, she's one brave lady. She's a fighter.

And, she's into scrapbooking now or should I say hoarding. Haha.

We were able to see reality of one of our dreams. One tight embrace at SFO airport confirmed it. For 2 weeks we were in the same continent, almost the same time zone that we get to spend chatting through YM during office hours hahaha.

Though we saw each other on Nov 1 at SFO airport, it was only on Nov 15 that we got to be together. She accompanied me to sights I've only wished to see. Most of all, I get to spend a few days with her. I will never forget that experience. Our dreams finally became real.


This is my take for Sketch 124 at Scrapbook Challenges. I urge you not to miss the challenges at SC this month. January prize is just awesome, sponsored by Chatterbox!

For those of you who wish to join Scrapbook Challenges, you just need to create a Multiply account. And then, look for Scrapbook Challenges (or click this link), you will see a button there "Join Group". Click that button and you are on your way to an amazing community with awesome sketches, wonderful members and fabulous prizes!

2009 Calendar

I did his 2007 calendar but never got around to doing 2008. Since their department in the office is not much into crafts, they were quite appreciative of my efforts to create a personalized calendar for Pre. This is quite simple. I used a 2007 desk calendar and just pasted patterned papers and cardstock over them. Printed monthly calendars, modified it a bit to suit Singapore holidays and our family's special dates.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Before and After

Our school girl --- Dora look alike
With tears in her eyes --- about to go home...
She said it's because of the boy crying for his mama. So, she cried because she wants me near her.

She cried because the teachers didn't help her wash her hands. Ok, that sounded bratty hahaha but I guess she's lost and doesn't know what to do.

She cried when they were about to pray for grace. It's probably because she's too hungry and couldn't wait. She wolfed down the wafer biscuit and wanted to ask for more. Haha.

She cried because she wanted to ride the bus with me. She wanted to go home badly. She said she's very sleepy and tired at school.

At home, she said, she's no longer tired.

It'll be another day tomorrow. I am thinking of not going with her. My presence may not be good and she will just look and ask for me.

Sneak Peek on Sketch 124

I made so many tries on that bird before I finally settled on a look that I like.

I am still on leave today coz it's Bebi A's first day of school! Both Pre and I are excited but he commented that Bebi A seemed too young to go to school. Dawter T is quite old for her age hehe that's why during the time she went to school, we were quite confident about it. As for Bebi A, for someone who said that she wants to stay at home, let's wait and see. With all her bravado yesterday, I have to see to believe. Haha.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Wow, Oh, Wow!

That was my reaction when I saw this! Please drop by Scrapbook Challenges for more details! I'm sure January will be a blast!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Brand New Year

Happy New Year! Another year has passed and a new year is upfront. 2009 will be as good as 2008, or maybe better! (I'm thinking positive!)

Scrapbooking front, first challenge at {Create} for 2009 is up. So, unearth those calendar stamps, dust off those calendar sheers or rubons. And, create an LO with them!

First day of Primary school for Dawter T. We went to her big school and it was great! Met Scrapbooker S and some other Filipino parents whom I exchange phone numbers with, need that for the homework! HeeHee! Oki, off to pick up Dawter T from the void deck!