Friday, 23 March 2012


Bellaidea as she's known is a wonderful scrapper friend and we used to be in the SC DT together. We had this swap once where we swapped Webster's Pages papers with Scrap Cake papers. She also sent me some chipboards. And, she's celebrating her blog's 1st anniversary! I hope you can drop by her blog and greet her!

With her blogoversary, she also issued an inspiration challenge (see picture above). I was instantly inspired! Since it's very seldom these days where I get the mojo flow, I quickly cut my papers and come up with the layout above. They are all from Webster's Pages Sunday Picnic. Imagine me cutting the die cut paper (which I seldom touch on my WP packages) because I just don't have the heart. But, the die cut paper in Sunday Picnic just fit what I want to do with the layout.

I was very hooked with the gate and I wanted a similar thing on my layout. And, I knew that this photo was perfect for it!

Thank you to Bellaidea for the inspiration! Happy anniversary!

I Miss My Baby

This is my first time to join Once Upon A Sketch. I've been hearing a lot about the site but my life has been turned upside down and haven't been scrapbooking the last few months LOL, this is the second time I joined a challenge for the year.

On a scrapbooking note : do you see the "yellow-green" roses on the layout? I'm happy with the outcome. I have leftover white roses and I used my glimmer mists to color them. Love the outcome!

I found this picture of Dawter T among my stash. And suddenly, I miss my little girl. It is as if our move from Singapore to Melbourne also made her grow up fast. She has more responsibilities now. She doesn't have an Ate A to call when she wants something. She has been a source of strength for me. She's the one I talk to about serious stuffs coz I don't talk to a lot of ladies nowadays hehehe In fairness, she's old for a 9 year old. And her shoe size --- same as mine!!!

Journal :


You grow up too fast.

You don't ask for help that much anymore.

You tie your hair by yourself.

You choose your own clothes

or return the ones I choose for you.

I miss my baby.

Where has the time gone?

Note :

Thank you to Webster's Pages for featuring this layout! Can't stop smiling!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ecclesiastes 9:10

I got inspired with Pamela's challenge on her blog. Her layout looked amazing!!! And, I just want to give it a try... I hope you do too!

I love this verse from Ecclesiastes 9:10. I've been feeling a bit off lately. I feel restless and a bit lonely... I feel that I am not productive enough, both at home and at work. I miss having adult company during the day (LOL!), I guess I miss my dear buddy from the Singapore office. She always know when I am feeling down and she will invite me to have french fries. LOL!

Anyway... I've been running around in circles again. I guess what I am trying to say is that it's a good reminder to do your best in everything you do. May it be with being a mom and not nag, being a good worker and try to find good solutions to work issues, or learning to drive (arghhhhh! I keep forgetting to do head check when I change lanes)...

Life will get back to normal. I just have to do everything from the heart.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Love Love

I just wanted to quickly document what my Bebi A told me on our way home from school. We're usually chatty after school while Dawter T mulls over the day (silent and frowning)...

"Mommy, remember what I told you a few days ago."

She tells me a lot of things so I told her so.

"Remember, my crush." Hmmmm... "He was not at school for a few days."

"Yeah", I said.

"He came to school today," with matching "kilig" I believe...

OMG... Where is that coming from??? She's a very old six years old in that aspect. But, I know it's just fun for her. Although it's too funny sometimes... I can't helped feel where has the time gone?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Dawter T and Bebi A came up with the title for this one. They both have been WANTING a pet dog! But, unfortunately, I am not a pet person. I do love dogs (please don't tell them!), I grew up with dogs all around the house. But, for some reason, I am not as enamored as my daughters and husband...

This dog, Pugsley, is the closest they got to touching one. When we went home to the Philippines in our 2010 vacation, Tita E's family just bought one. He's a cutie, alright! And my daughters just fell in love with him.

On the scrappy side of this post, hmmm, I finally scrapped my Webster's Pages again. I am very unsure of this layout. It seemed bare, it seemed to lack something. But, it's a step closer to getting my mojo back. LOL. I've been making small tags, cards for my March Madness projects. I am happy to be in my own world again. It seem to bring out the stress out. Scrapping does that to me. But, it's quite stressful looking for my tools, my materials in my boxes. When will I ever be able to unload them all? And, when will I have my scrappy room! Hehehe...

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love Bottles

If I can bottle up LOVE, I would...

Well, this is as close as I can get...

I love this Neapolitan papers from the AC Dear Lizzy line...

Love, love, love them!

The picture is not the best and the design is too simple.

My husband said it's too pale.

But, for my eyes, it's just plain love!

This will go to out very plain wall!

Hope I can finally hang it. LOL.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Just want to share the cover of my March Madness album based on the sketch below.

As usual, I used my scraps coz I didn't have the guts to use my papers again. It's like I am panicking coz I haven't found a scrapbooking shop yet. *Missing MWL mode...*