Monday, 29 September 2008


I am hosting a challenge at Scrapbook Challenges this week. What is it about? It's called the "Write" Stuff!

Very easy, all one needs to do is to journal using a journaling stamp! So come now, come all to Scrapbook Challenges!

The first 3 layout posts will receive one Prima journaling stamp!

And, at the end of the week, the lucky scrap-writer will get to have these goodies!

And, of course, the week will not be complete without Pamela's Sketch! This is one of my faves!

A Few More Hours

And I am able to share what I have been preparing for this past week.

In between scrapping, we managed to unload the remaining boxes last Saturday. Oh, what a relief! Pre helped me with my scrap nook and bought me something where I can hang my stickers/rubons packs. And, I once again sorted my papers, this time according to manufacturers hahaha and I ammmmm so happy that all of them can fit one the slot in my storage. And, with that I found out that I own a lot of Love, Elsie patterned papers. (which I cannot part now because there will no longer be Love, Elsie products huhuhu) It was a great day to be at home with the whole family cleaning up the flat, in preparation for Papa's arrival today.

Hope you had a blast this weekend! Who would have thought that the 1st Singapore F1 winner will be
him? Talk about a come back!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Look What I Came Home To

These awesome stuffs are from Pamela, our dear Scrapbook Challenges founder! Oooh, I love everything she sent!
Thank you for the RAK and the beautiful card, Pamela!

Something's Cooking SC! It will be my turn to "concoct" and it will be ready by Monday! *wink*

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


It's Week 5 - Track and Field at The Sketch Olympics. One final challenge to go! Woohoo! Can't believe that I managed to do this for almost 6 weeks now. And, to add to that, to move to a new house. Scrapping takes priority hahaha

This was taken at Jurong Bird Park. (You might be wondering why we're always there!) We have to use a photo about an outing or taken outdoor.

About A Girl

Different sides of Dawter T but as her mom, it boils down to one thing --- she's lovely!

I am still working using my scraps. These are my OA scraps. It feels good whenever those scraps are used up, it is as if I'm pinching to save the environment. Hahaha.

This is my entry to Sister C's challenge in Scrappers At Sg and also my take in Andrea's (SC DT) White Space Challenge (literally white space hehehe).

Monday, 22 September 2008

Sketch 109

Don't you just love that picture? That's at Sentosa when Tita E's family were here for a week vacation! Tita E is really flexible, imagine to be able to jump that high! Everyone of us did that but I looked funny in mine so that picture will be kept under the stack! Maybe if I want to scrap the funniest picture I ever had, I would dig that up and scrap it. Wouldn't you just laugh if my title is Jump and I stood rooted on the ground? Hahaha...
That's the last sheet of my Creative Imaginations. I've finally let go of them. I love, love the flower designs. The colors are so refreshing and light!
Do head at Scrapbook Challenges and join us for Sketch 109. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

Sketch 109 Peek

Watch out for sketch 109 tomorrow at Scrapbook Challenges!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

What time is it?

I've had this alarm clock since December, it was a giveaway from Cute#1's Christmas party which was held at the function room of our old house. She gave me one as thank you for the use of the function room.
Using my scraps and some embellies, turned it to a "kikay" clock. Hehehe.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


It's the middle of the month, a few days away from payday hahaha and a few month's away from Dawter T's graduation concert. I am so excited to see her, she says she's a bee. Even though we live soooo far now from her school, my mama has been patiently bringing her to/from school. Thanks, Mama!

I would like to invite everybody to try out {Create}'s September challenge which is to use school or office supplies. It'll be fun to go beyond our usual scrapbook materials. In fact, my husband was telling me that my layout for {Create} is what he considers "traditional" scrapbooking --- well, just because I used that tape measure from Ikea (shhhh!)

Also, don't forget to drop by Scrapbook Challenges as Pamela gives inspiration with her sketches and there's great challenges from the DT's every week! And, there's still to vote for Pamela at Scrapbooks Etc. !

Have a great day!

Apple Of Our Eyes

Finally able to reveal this. This is my take for Scrapbook Challenges' Sketch 108. Another beautiful sketch from Pamela! If you have time, please drop by Scrapbooks Etc. and vote for stunning mini-album!

Bebi A is at that stage where every little thing brings out some form of an expression that's sometimes funny, naughty or sassy! We so love those moments. I wish I can hold back the time. It's just too fast for the mom!

The scallop strip of paper was not from the Fiskars punch. I drew the scallops and cut them. Then, punch the holes using the Crop-A-Dile. May take longer but the finish product is "almost" the same. But, if my dear friend, Cute#1, inspects it, I will surely fail because of the uneven scallops hehehe...

Finally used my beloved October Afternoon papers. When I took them out, I was contemplating whether I should really use the "apples paper" but it's just so darn cute and the colors match Bebi A's dress. As Mareng M said, I've finally let go. Hehehe... (Well, the same goes for her, She has let go of her Love, Elsie papers by creating a gorgeous mini-album, do check our her blog for her delicious new creations!)
Time to sleep, my "subject" is waiting for me to lie down.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Under The Suit

When I read from the SketchBook forum that Week 4 is Swimming, I panicked. Our home computer is still in its box and I don't have "swimming" photos. I have already used them for my daughter's ABC album and Scrappers At SG's challenge.

Luckily, there were some photos left in my camera when my daughters were trying out their swim suits. That will do hehehe

It was a stroke of inspiration to come up with the "Under The Suit" title. I felt I was so clever hahaha But mind you, since the time the challenge was posted, I was already browsing through my paper stack as to which paper I should use. I showed the paper (background and Hambly overlay) above to my dear Pre and he said that it will do for the concept I was thinking. I was so excited but honestly, it was quite hard. It's one thing to think about the concept, and another to put it in paper.

Well, my theme was initially an aquarium. I was supposed to make a shaker box. But, of course, being the fickle minded that I am, I switch to "under the sea". I painstakingly cut-out the small rocks and inked them one by one. Cut the Hambly and adhered it. The starfish was inspired by the design of our kitchen tiles hahaha Dawter T criticized my starfish and showed me how to make it look like one. (O di ba?!)

I wanted to make Bebi A as part of the bubbles. Then, cut circles to make it look like bubbles rising.

I tried to my dismay to draw and cut out fishes. But, again, Dawter T couldn't helped by criticize it. I asked Pre to draw fish but he said it's hard to draw one. Wahhhh! What's a body of water without fish??? So he told me to just print out. Luckily, Pre needed the computer Sunday night so he set it up. And, since he couldn't draw for me and I bugged him, he also setup the printer!

Voila! The finished product. Hehehe...

So happy with this. And here's my journal. Inspired by Under the Sea song.

Under the suit, under the suit.
The little girl is "Oh So Cute!"
Out on the pool, she show off.
Those curves that's so soft.
She's got the spirit, she can flaunt it!
Under the suit!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sketch 108 Peek

Found the perfect pictures for my Sketch 108 layout. Oh, I am a happy girl!

But, Dawter T asked me earlier, "Why Bebi A again?" Hahaha So, ok, it seems that sibling rivalry also happens in Mommy's scrapbooks! Hehe She was easily pacified though when I told her that my last layout was about her.

Speaking of Scrapbook Challenges, please check out Pamela's gorgeous final entry challenge to Scrapbooks Etc. It's a mini album about her and I love it a lot! Don't forget to vote for her here ---> Scrapbooks Etc. And you come back to vote until the 20th! Thanks!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


So I came in early today because my hubby set his alarm for 6am and he didn't get up. Last time that I heard it and didn't wake him up, he got a bit ticked off hahaha So I bugged him til he got up, in return, I couldn't go back to sleep!

After checking all my mails and started with work, I hop on to MWL. And, I should have not done that this early!!! Because my favorite line "We R Memory Keepers" is in store! Oh, the colors and the design are so pretty, I can't wait to get my hands on them. How I wish I am still working near Dhoby Gaut! Hehehe...


Update :

How cool is it to have a scrapper for a neighbor in my office building? We are from different companies but our offices are just beside each other.

I met her 2 weeks ago and I was so happy to find a someone who share in your craziness. To cut the long story short, she bought the WRMK papers for me! Woohoo! Thank you so much, P!!! Mwah!

It's A Girl!

Using my scraps, decided to make this 6x6 card for E and R who recently had a baby girl (Congratulations!). Paper pieced the stroller, and I loved decorating it to bits! Hee Hee...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Love Does Not Grow On Trees

... but, in our hearts.

WARNING : Ok, this will get mushy along the way but please bear with me!

I never believed in fate before, but when we fell in love,
everything fell into place, it's like finding your soul in another person.
And, from then on, you just can't fight it.

We came to Singapore for different reasons,but found exactly the reason we came here for.


This is my entry for The Sketch Olympics Week 3 : Decathlon. The layout must only have 10 items in it, including photo. I thought it would be easy as I consider myself a Simple Scrapbooker but it's not!
And, I thought I wouldn't be able to submit for this week because of the move. But, on Sunday night, much to my husband's chagrin, I completed the layout and was awake until 130AM. Talk about addiction! But, it helped me relax, though there are still boxes left to unpack, I am not as anxious anymore. *wink*

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I Am Loved Too!

I got this award from my Mareng B who never fails to encourage me in everything especially my Scrapbooking endeavor. I am very happy that I got to know her well this past year. And, to add to that, without her I think my patterned papers are good as antiques! Hahaha...

Now, I would like to pass this award to :
Tita Abby whom loves unconditionally. She's always there when you need her. She's one of the people who inspired me to scrap.

Cute#1 whom has been a very good friend for 9 years now! Hopefully, it wouldn't stop at that and we'll be friends until our hair is gray (hers probably dyed red!).

Ed whom I met through {Create}. She's a source of inspiration and an awesome Mom! I am inspired with how she balances being a wife, mom and everything else!

Jenn whom I met through this awesome hobby! She's smart, uber creative, friendly and you will feel comfortable with her even if you just met her.

Lily, a wonderful wife, mom and friend! She's always there when you need someone to talk to.

Pamela whom I met recently through Scrapbook Challenges. Her blog is full of scrapping goodness, you will be inspired by her sketches and designs.

My Cousin R. She's a lover of God and Music, and hopefully after introducing her to it last May --- Scrapbooking!

Sketch 107

I did this take during my lunch break because I don't want to miss Scrapbook Challenges Sketch 107. Don't you just love Pamela's sketches? It's a great guide and inspiration!

The AMERICAN CRAFTS RAK is still up for grabs! Do join in fun to have a chance to win this
Awesome giveaway!!! Additional chances to win this giveaway, simply by joining Sketch 107 challenge, Color Scheme, and Don't Stick Me Down. Come and join the fun!

This photo was taken when Dawter T was just 5 months old. She was sitting on a laundry basket!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Rhythmic Gymnastics Silver Medalist

Woohoo! My family and friends will never believe this if I tell them. I am the most uncoordinated person I know. I am not a graceful dancer even if I went for Ballet lessons when I was young. Dancing or anything similar is not my forte!

But, the event I am talking about is The Sketch Olympics' Week 2 event, Handle With Care won the silver medal! I am so happy! As I have said in the forum, such a great treat after all the packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning I've been doing this weekend!

Thank you, Judges!

Friday, 5 September 2008

We're Moving

Yes, we're leaving our home of 3 years and starting a "new life" somewhere in the West of Singapore (where the air is cooler and we're a few meters away from the mall and the library and... ok enough... hahaha)

I was feeling sentimental the last few nights when I got home from work, no matter how it feels like we're in the oven when it's sunny. We've had a lot of good memories there. Relatives and friends came to visit us and we had a wonderful time. I saw Bebi A grew up from that tiny, skinny baby to a wonderful, chubby toddler. Dawter T had her 3 years Pre-School in a nearby Catholic Pre-School. Pre had the time of his life going back and forth to his 2 buses away office in Bradell. Oh, we'll surely miss the place, the friends and good neighbors we've had.

So, tonight, my scrap supplies will have to be boxed. (I waited the last minute coz I thought that I will be able to come up with something hahaha how wrong was I? My week nights this week was 2 trips to Ikea and packing and packing and packing!) Anyway, hopefully by Saturday afternoon, they will be sitting prettily in my their new nook (if ever they will have one! Our new home is much smaller than the current one...)

Oki... TGIF everyone!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Handle With Care

I fell in love with We R Memory Keepers all over again. Just love how you can do so much with their papers. You can tell that I am a big fan of their designs with my all-out adoration! Hehehe!

This is my entry for The Sketch Olympics Week 2 - Rhythmic Gymnastics so it must have swirls/flourishes and ribbons. How cool!!! The organizers are so great coming up with these challenges! *2 thumbs up!*

I did this while I wait for my American colleague to come online last Friday, we need to add myself in the on-call rotation! So, while waiting for 1130PM (Singapore time), I was handcutting this lovely WRMK papers!

Journal :

The store ran out of bird feeds but a good soul at the park handed you their excess feeds. You didn't get scared but was very excited to feed the birds.

Though it's a small venture, I was so proud of you.Because you embrace new adventures. You are not scared to try things.

May your spirit continue to explore all the things that the world will hand you.Continue to marvel at the goodness of God through His creation.But, remember to handle them with care.

Sketch 106

My take on Scrapbook Challenges Sketch 106. Pamela's sketch is simply amazing! Love it and managed to interpret it with the layout above. Do head out to the forum to view the other design team members' layouts! They are all so great!

And, guess what!?! I am so excited to tell you that one of my favorite manufacturers is sponsoring this month's RAK! Woohoo for AMERICAN CRAFTS!!! Awesome giveaway!!! *drool* You have 3 chances to win this giveaway, simply by joining Sketch 106 challenge, Create A Title Using Numbers, and Score A Design. Come and join the fun!

I love these photos of Bebi A which was taken by my uber creative cousin R. She and Bebi A have a silly relationship when she came to visit us last May.

Monday, 1 September 2008


Back in July, Mareng M and I decided to submit our layouts to Scrapbooking.Com. We did and some our layouts were selected for their Just For Kids section. Here's my article ---> Little People.

Mareng M's article is also there, do check our hers here!


This layout is now up at {Create}. My creative side worked overtime here as I was thinking what's the best way to interpret the School Or Office Supplies Challenge. I have been thinking of using crayon in my layout when suddenly inspiration strucked and pointed me to So Here it is a Crayola box look alike! Do you see that red colored pencil on top, that's a loan from Dawter T! And, the measuring tape, hmm I can't say that it's a loan, but it's from IKEA. Hehehe!
Do check out the creations of {Create}'s design team! Simply awesome interpretation! And, you have a month to join the fun!