Sunday, 27 July 2008


Because of what happened a few days ago, I still couldn't print from our PC. Further to that, our Selphy couldn't detect low-res files wahhhhhhhhhh
So, I decided to just create the above... Without picture. I am not very comfortable hehehe but I hope my friend likes it!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oh Software!

Pre was in a not so good mood last night after I told him that we cannot download the photos from his camera. We have 2 different Canon cameras at home, one is an EOS300D and an Ixus 950IS. He installed the software that came with the EOS and I installed the one that came with the Ixus. Then, our Selphy came and I installed the software for that too. Since I am usually the one taking pictures using the Ixus and downloading the pictures to our PC, it worked without any problem.

Yesterday, I used the EOS to take a photo of one of my layout. I was quite excited because I want to see the difference with the one taken by the Ixus. Oh well, the EOS software just won't start.

So, back to the original topic, he tried to reinstall eveything. And, the verdict, the EOS software cannot start up. And, I couldn't ask him to reinstall the software for Ixus and Selphy because I know he will let me have it hahaha since I was the last one who installed, wahhhhh... But, I need to print tonight!

Is it because of Vista? But, I remembered being able to download prior to the time I installed the software for the Selphy. Huhuhu... I hope we find the solution soon.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


My entry for {Create}'s Tropical Challenge. Taken At Sentosa but I can't remember which beach this is, if this is Palawan or Siloso hehehe

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Turning 33

feels like 23. Hahaha. How I wish my body would think so too. But, Mareng M and I talked about how our bodies were giving telltale signs that we're getting old. Pains were here and there. I still feel blessed despite that I am 10kg heavier hahaha

Thank you to Ate A.

Thank you to my family and friends. Mwah!

To my buddies who indulged me in a last minute "bonding" since we need to stuff a friend with lots and lots of carbo for their marathon tomorrow.

Thank you to my sis C!

And, to my Pre who surprised me with a treasure hunt. And, of course my daughters' hugs and kisses. Love you!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008

What Kept Me Busy These Days

Primary 1 Registration.

But, I think I will be able to sleep well tonight.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, 14 July 2008

All Girl

Label Tulip is celebrating their birthday! And this is my entry to one of their birthday "challenges" --- to lift one of the Tulip Girls. I was inspired by Waleska Neris' He Says Go.

My aim in this LO as per the journaling was to show that even though my Bebi A looks like a boy because she's bald hahaha she's all girl --- just look at her eyes and smile. But, we had her ears pierced as early as when she's 4 months old just to make sure. Hehehe.

Is That Me?

Yes, it's you, Bebi A!

Congrats, Mareng M! Her gift to Bebi A was chosen by MWL for the Today's Parents Exhibit at Plaza Singapura. Of course, being the stage mother that I am, I dragged my bunch to PS after mass and posed at the MWL booth. Hahaha...

Where's my Pre, if you're wondering? He's also making it known what a stage father he is by "choreographing" Bebi A's pose. Hehehe. Unfortunately, Bebi A is too hungry to care. Hahaha.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Things That Make Me Go Hmnn

This is a simple layout I made for Challenge#20 of Scrappers At SG. Our challenge this time is about being Shopaholic. I hate to admit it but I am especially with rub-ons, pens and AC Thickers. I just couldn't get enough of them. But, I made a pact hehe that I would slow down for awhile. We have to save up for something big, not scrap supplies big though hehehe but one that will alter the course of our lives hehehe so dramatic, please pardon me! Also, I want to use up all my papers before I buy new ones. Hopefully, I get to scrap more in the next few days.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Eye Candy!

This super fab layout was created by Bebi A's godmother M! Thank you, thank you! We love it! It's her hatch day today (kakatuwa day after Bebi A). Please check out her blog, she's giving away a "birthday" RAK!


Ate A told us that a few days ago, Dawter T said this to Bebi A "A, you will be the ninang (godmother) to my first daugter, ok? Just like Mommy and Ninang C." Well, it striked me as both funny and sweet. But, OMG! Why is my daughter thinking that far ahead? Hehehe...

To remember that. I wrote that in the journaling block of the layout above which was left empty during our last scrapmeet. So timely to scrap a layout of the two of them a week ago. And, so happy that I don't need to think of things to write here. Hehehe...

This layout was a scraplift from Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner. I still need to ask who the author is from Cute#1 or Benga though.

Live, Laugh, Love

This was a scraplift from Ces during Scrappers at SG's June Scrapmeet. I was not able to take a picture of Ces' layout though. Thanks, Ces!

I love these photos of Dawter T which was taken on August 2007 at Vivo City. I have long wanted to scrap these photos but I didn't have any idea how to do it.

The We R Memory Keepers Write Out Collection got to be my fave line! Love, love the flowers and swirls which I can cut out. I am embellishments-handicapped thus the technique most prominent in my LOs is paper cutting.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bebi A is 3

Time flies fast. Our baby is now 3.

All she wanted was a Tweety cake and a yellow balloon. Even though I insisted on Strawberry Shortcake, her wish is still my command! Hehehe...

Happy Birthday, my dear Bebi!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

This Month, I plan

--- to scrap a layout about me...
--- to take on new things...
--- to welcome challenges...
--- to pay "it" forward...
--- to be contented...
--- to be a sweeter wife...
--- to be a patient mother...
--- to be more faithful to God...

and to put the above in the journal of that layout I am scrapping about me. Hehe...


Please check out MWL's July Loveletter. An excerpt of the essay I wrote and submitted to MWL is there. Hihihi...