Monday, 28 February 2011

Spring Market Winner

The winner of the Webster's Pages Spring Market kit is

Please email address to!


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Friday, 25 February 2011

You Still Have Time

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And, I am also giving away a personal RAK by simply posting comments on this post...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sketch 242

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! Awesome prizes awaits YOU!

Sketch was made by one of SC's DT members, Cheryl!

And, it's another manic Monday... Wish it was Sunday... (one of the songs of my time hahaha) Week started with a head ache, body ache, etc. Then, lots of things to do at the office...

Moving on... Let me share something about the layout. This layout was created with a mix of old and new... Old patterned paper from Webster Pages and rub-ons from MME (which I loveeeee so much)... The new being the Prima goodies you see on the page. Love the swirls and those tiny resin flowers! Talking about them makes me really happy!!! Made the frame using one of the Prima masks (well, I made a mistake when I was misting it... So I decided to cut them out and put stickles on it...) I am so happy I get to use them!

Note to self : I should stop taking pictures at night... People can see the shadow on the layouts. Hehehe...

Monday, 21 February 2011

A Few More Days...

for Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop Meme... Please hop on over for a chance to win this lovely kit from The Paper Trail)

And, I am also giving away a personal RAK by simply posting comments on this post...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oh My Prima!

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! This prize awaits YOU! (picture below ---> a lovely kit from The Paper Trail)

I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I haven't "scrapbook-shopped" for a long time... Well, I can now say that hiatus is over and I am in Prima high! Hahaha...

I went to my LSS last Sunday with one stamp in mind ONLY. The cute circus elephant from Imaginisce! And, guess what welcomed me --- Prima goodness in all its glory! Do you think I'll be able to hold myself and just look? Nope! I panicked and picked all the papers from the rack (but returned some "guiltily" when I realized how much I chose hahaha well, my friend who was with me that time was asking me incredulously if I was buying all of it...)

Then, I went to the Prima stamps rack and I couldn't resist the Jack and Jill collection. Oh my! Then, I saw the masks and flourishes. And, the rest as they say is history! Hahaha...

Good thing was my LSS was having a 25% off promotion! Woohoo! And I did save a LOT!

Ok... So that should have been enough!

But, wait, on my way out... I saw this girl queuing at the counter with what seemed like Prima resin flowers. I couldn't go back anymore because my family and extended family are waiting for me... Hahaha... But, from Monday til last night, I felt the need to go back. The resin flowers is all I can think about!

I did come back last night because my husband and I had a movie date. So convenient that the moviehouse is on the same mall as my LSS hahaha So before I met up with my husband, I went in and grabbed some of those resin flower, and errr some more flourishes! Hahaha...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sketch 241

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! Awesome prizes awaits YOU!

Here's this week's sketch at Scrapbook Challenges! Love this sketch created by Shannon, one of the DT members! I kept in mind what my friend, Jolanda, told me in one of her comments hehehe she said that why make it hard for one self by not using stuffs! I am really trying and closing my eyes while I cut my papers or rip open the packaging hahaha

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Heart's Day!

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! Awesome prizes awaits YOU!

Here's my crafty attempt for Valentine's Day... I did this for one hour, made around 16 pieces for my daughters' teachers and classmate and of course, for friends...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyday is L O V E day... Spread the love...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My February Resolution

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! Awesome prizes awaits YOU!

For January, not adding flowers and swirls on my layouts was a bit hard. I am finding hard to find my niche again. I feel that my layouts are lacking something. Well, if I am not too stingy with supplies, my layouts will probably be full, LOL!!! I hold on too much to my supplies to the point that I don't want to use them hahaha... Do you sometimes do that?

So now, my February resolution is to be ALL OUT on my papers/embellishments. It's time to purge. A little FYI though. Aside from the gifts and prizes, I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANY SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES FOR 2 MONTHS!!!

Can you believe that? Just awhile ago, I answered
SC's GTKY Monday and one of the questions was how much do you spend on scrapbook supplies. Hehehe... Well, that means I saved some for 2 months. Well, I need to save with all the wonderful new papers from Webster's Pages, Prima, Pink Paislee....

Sketch 240

Note : Candy Shoppe Designs blog hop is still ongoing --- please check it out HERE! Awesome prizes awaits YOU!

This week's sketch was created by the fabulous Natalie! Come on over at Scrapbook Challenges and check it out!

I had fun playing with paint. As you can see from my layouts, it's very seldom that I use pain on my projects. One --- I am SCARED... Two --- I am VERY SCARED... But, with the help of Dawter T, I conquered my fear or was it just the thought that I have a few more kraft papers... Hahaha...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tenth Stop on the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME

Welcome to Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME!

I am so glad you stopped by my humble abode. If this is your first time here, I am Cinnamon Swirl. I am a new design team member at Candy Shoppe Designs, and I am so happy to be part of Candy Shoppe Design team!

Onto our hop, if you've come by Myia aka Brown Sugar's Blog then you're on the right track coz I am your 10th and last stop! If you just stopped in, please make sure that you start at Candy Shoppe Designs first so that you won't miss out anything.

This is not your usual blog hop... It's a MEME blog hop where we can get to know each other better! In addition, it will also get us to write/journal our thoughts, I am so guilty of just creating a page without any journal.

Here's another thing I am guilty of, let me share this with you... *wink*

My husband loves to share the fact that I hide junk food in my closet. As if my family and friends didn't already know that I had a sweet (and salty) tooth. I keep everything from Doritos and Cheetos and Chocolates in there. Hidden from everyone else because I'd rather not share. I only raid it when everyone is asleep at night and I can have it all to myself while I watch my favorite shows on TV.

this is one of my first few layouts hehehe circa 2007... oh how time flies!!!

That's my guilty pleasure. What's yours?

Another one of my guilty pleasures is scrapbooking stuffs and by joining this MEME blog hop, you'll have the chance at winning this uber yummy prize from The Paper Trail, CSD's February Sponsor!

About The Paper Tail (Candy Shoppe Designs February Sponsor) : "Scrapbooking is all about leaving a paper trail of you for your family and future generations to come. Webster’s dictionary defines paper trail as: documents from which a person's actions may be traced. Doesn’t that just sum up exactly what we do when we create a scrapbook page? We leave a trail of us – what we have done, who we are, etc" ~~~ excerpt from Karen (owner of The Paper Trail)

Now, it's time to leave a trail...

1. If you leave a comment on this post and the blog posts after this *wink*, you will be entered into a drawing for a Webster's Pages Spring Market paper kit! You have until February 27 to do so, will announce the winner on February 28!

2. Then, hop on over to your blogs and write the answers to at least 3 MEMEs... Then, link up your post to Candy Shoppe Designs for a chance to win the February Main Kit of The Paper Trail!

Can't wait to read your MEMEs! Thank you for playing along with CSD!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I joined the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME!

Hi there! Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME is ongoing! Hope you can have fun with us and answer the MEMEs posted by the design team!

Here are my answers to some of the MEMEs :

What is your favorite or most recent Etsy purchase and who are your favorite Etsy sellers?
Love that through Etsy, lots of creative minds have been given opportunities to share and sell their stuff. Haven't indulge myself yet though. *grins*

What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?
This is for my class adviser during my senior year in High School...

"You paved the way to where I am now. You are an inspiration because after all that you've been through, you've bounced back and you're stronger than ever. Your life is a picture of perseverance, strength and confidence. You helped me believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to. And of course, you taught me that Algebra and Physics can be fun too! Hehe... I am so glad that we're friends after all these years. Thank you very much for everything!"

Did you marry your first true love?
Yes! My husband is first and last love! Despite the quirks and the misunderstandings, life with him has been wonderful! We have our shares of ups and downs, we laugh and cry, we talk a lot. "He completes me"... (from Jerry Maguire)

FOUR random examples as to what makes me, me.
* I am actually very shy. I am usually seen at the back of the room trying to blend in the background. Huh! But, once you get to know me, I can talk a mile a minute, laugh out loud and you'll have a friend for life. *wink*

* One of the things I love in my current workplace is that I can come to office in jeans and Birks/flipflops.

* I love potato chips but I haven't eaten one since June 2008. I do eat french fries though.

* I cry easily. You can catch me sniffing while reading or watching tv/movie.

A story about a favorite pet:
I never really had a pet but we had a few dogs while I was growing up. The one that I have fond memory of is our Pekignese, "PX". Her previous owner called her "Lavern". And everytime we call her that, she will tilt her head, trying to be cute! Hehe!

What are your favorite WORDS or word that you find yourself using most frequently?
Living in Singapore for almost 12 years made me acquire one of their phrases "AIYOH". (It is most commonly used to express dismay hehehe...)

Is there somebody out there in this world that you once knew or still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? There may be more than just 1 person out there, maybe you're the silent and shy type, maybe you won't say it because you know that they already know what you feel. Who is this person and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment? (LOVING words ONLY!)
"I was never angry, never dismayed. In fact, we should be thankful as to how life paved for our blessings. Everything happened for a reason and we should always look at the positive side of things."

Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who?
Unfortunately, I haven't met any yet.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Too many crushes hahaha one of them is Ryan Reynolds. Not sure why but I love his movie, "The Proposal".

What's your guilty pleasure?
You can see the answer in my post below.

Don't forget to link up to Candy Shoppe Designs after you've answered the MEMEs!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sketch 239

I am very excited to share with you Sketch 239 at Scrapbook Challenges! I did this at the office with my lunch buddy, R! I closed my eyes and used my Webster's Pages papers hahaha It's a feat for me to do this

I still haven't used flowers and swirls but I wanted to. I feel that it is so bare hehehe... Well, it's February now. So, I can challenge myself with another thing... Hahaha!!!

An Invitation

sponsored by THE PAPER TRAIL