Friday, 24 February 2012

March Madness

To motivate myself... I plan to join the bandwagon and start a project --- sort of like --- project life... But, I am taking baby steps and will be working on March first. I am calling it my March Madness project.

I've worked on a sketch for my cover (thanks to MS Word's clipart)... Yup, that's all I've worked on. As I have said, baby steps. I can't seem to scrap these days without a sketch. Hehehe...

Here's to a fruitful and busy March! Can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Starting Over

It feels like I am in Primary school year 1 and I don't know what I am doing. But, for a few hours. It was just me, the scissors, the papers and glue. It's hard to start over. It's hard when the feeling is I can't let go of the Prima swirls, the cute papers or even the scraps. Hopefully, my next page won't be in another two months. I hope I really make time.

This layout is for Bebi A's show and tell tomorrow. It feels so bare. Maybe I should have used some glimmer mist... Hahaha... I've used some of the photos before, the last one is new, just this Christmas.

Time flies so fast. She's in year 1 and enjoying it soooo much. There are days I wonder if she'll feel the same if she was studying in Singapore.

Making Time

When my husband told me that I would probably have less time for scrapbooking once we move down under, I didn't believe him! I adamantly told him that it won't happen. But, as the days passed, I slowly became afraid coz it's happening. The little time that I have, I spend it with reading and watching. LOL.

Well, I just received a reply to my email to a friend. And, I really felt rejuvenated. After reading it, I wanted to run to the room full of boxes and open it and start cutting and pasting. Well, I probably might later. Much, much later. Thanks, Bebang! You are truly an inspiration!