Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sketch 206

My girls are very lucky to have a neighbor who's also Filipino. He's Bebi A's busmate and confidante (and I really mean confidante coz she tells him our "darker" secrets hahaha) He always tag along when Pre brings the girls to the nearby field. He's like a brother to them --- fighting over Wii time, food and attention. I hope that they will grow up together. It's wonderful to have a friend who's there for you.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sketch 205

Doing this sketch made me realize that I didn't have red-colored papers. Why? I don't know. Hahaha. With the amount of paper I had, I still had to go and buy papers last Sunday and made this after a very happy Father's Day... (we ate sushi --- again!!! and watched Toy Story 3)

I know what I wanted to do. I am very happy that I saw that scallop black cardstock. And I know that I already have a lot of Webster Pages (who can resist? really?) but I couldn't resist but had to buy two of these Seaside Retreat vellum.
Close up of the cut outs and flowers.

This will go to Dawter T's SYF album. So, you could guess that the color theme is red and black. I'd probably have to go and look for other red colored papers in order to finish the album! But, I am uber happy with this.

And, yes... I still haven't used an alternative journaling technique hahaha I am still using strips. I will surprise you one of these days! *wink*

This is for Sketch 205 at Scrapbook Challenges. Please check out the other DTs awesome samples!

Friday, 18 June 2010

It All Starts With Paper (+ RAK)

It's my turn to issue a challenge at Scrapbook Challenges.

And, my challenge is to create a layout with these three techniques that starts with paper *wink*

Paper Cutting...
I love cutting patterns from my precious papers hehehe It's relaxing and will definitely take your mind off from whatever's worrying you because if you don't concentrate, you just might make a wrong cut... *wink*

Paper Tearing...
Once, my husband incredelously ask me WHY I tear my papers? He cannot fathom the thought that I horde these papers and then just tear it like I don't care. I love the look of grungy, torn papers on my layouts because it gives a shabby feeling to it. Plus it creates dimension...

Paper Rolling...

I have tried paper rolling before but only got the hang of it when I started using a skewer/(Satay/barbecue/hotdog) stick. From then, I never looked back. Again, it gives dimension and can also create a pattern on your page.

Here's the sample layout :

What are you waiting for? Let's Cut, Tear and Roll!

So excited to see your layouts for the challenge! Happy Scrapping!

Note : My dear blog readers, if you wish to take part in this challenge... Please post a link in the comments section... And as my THANK YOU to all who joins :

1. (Non-SC Member) All layouts submitted through the comment section will each receive an Imaginisce stamp.


2. (If you become a MEMBER of SC from this Friday until June 25th...) , you will receive TWO Imaginisce stamps by

  • becoming a member,
  • posting at my Challenge discussion at SC
  • and of course by posting at this post's comment section!!!

So, please, please join us at Scrapbook Challenges!!! You will not regret it!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sketch 204

is now up at Scrapbook Challenges. So hop on over to check out the SC girls' layouts.

I don't have much red/black layouts but I seriously love these colors now. It's perfect for the SYF photos that I took of Dawter T (which I plan to create an album of). These papers are from way back 2007(?) or 2008(?) and I am so happy that I get to use them.

Do you see the transparent thingy on top of Dawter T's pictures. I got it from Sister C who used Unity Stamps to stamp on acetate. It's my first time to use Unity Stamps. Yey! And I love it!

Note to cousin B : Used the Prima swirls you gave me! Love it!

Monday, 14 June 2010

My Favorite Shoes

is my brown Madrid Birkenstock. I used to love to wear shoes until I was introduced to Birkenstock by a colleague back in 1997. I had been in a laid back work environment and I am thankful for that because my Birks broke me from shoes.

Through sunshine or through rain. Dry or wet. My feet loves my Birks.

I am joining the fun at These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. They are giving away 28 whopping prizes!

I used Webster Pages Seaside Retreat patterned papers. Do you see the texture on the close-up below? I tried to replicate Sharon's sand --- she has tutorial on her blog and at Laines's blog. I was very, very happy with the result even though somebody (hmp!) asked me this --- "Was that supposed to look like sand?" Haha. Still happy coz I got to play with Marix's heat gun and embossing powder last Saturday. (Thank you so much, Marix!!!) Everything fell into place for this layout because we went to the beach this afternoon so got to take photo of my "beloved" at the beach. Perfect for my papers!

And to These Are A Few of My Favorite Things : really, really had fun with this challenge. Thank you!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sketch 203

Our weekend was a bit hectic. All day Saturday, we were busy --- busy watching Korean telenovela! I hate my sister for giving me the dvd. *wink* Once you start, you can't stop! I started at 8AM Saturday and we finished the whole thing by 11PM. Whew!

Sunday, we went to church and stayed there until 3pm to attend the Christening of my godson, JJr. Then, we went to celebration after. It was during the celebration that I got inspired to scrap about Bebi A. (Oh ok, I cheated a bit hahaha I already have Bebi A's photos printed, I just needed the push hihi)

Here's the heartwarming, gut wrenching story. For all parents out there, I am very sure that this is typical scenario among your kids.

The celebration was a 3-in-1 party. Baptism-Housewarming and 8th Birthday party. So, they also gave out loot bags to the kids. Dawter T got a Winnie the Pooh stationary set while Bebi A got a Minnie Mouse set. Being 8 years old, I can understand Dawter T, she's just not into Pooh anymore. She WANTED the Minnie Mouse set and has been persuading Bebi A into exchanging with her. Well, Bebi A was adamant with her NO. Dawter T was already making faces so to avert a scene. I talked to Bebi A. I told her to give the Minnie Mouse set to her "ate" (older sister), I mentioned that Pooh is for 4-5 years old (hehe) and Minnie Mouse is for 7-8 years old. She still told me that she doesn't want to give it to Dawter T.

After a few minutes, she talked to her "ate", she gave the Minnie Mouse set. Awwww. Then, I asked her if she likes Pooh now. She still said NO. She just want her "ate" to have it. Then, she will just give the Pooh set to her friend. Double Awwww.

Both Pre and I felt happy for Bebi A's love for her "ate". I just pray that she will stay that way and that Dawter T will appreciate it and love her more.

Here is Pamela's sketch 203 for Scrapbook Challenges. This is also my entry for Scrappers AT SG's Challenge #34 which was issued by the lovely Emeline Seet.

And, Yes, I did journal. Told you, I would!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Place, Date and Time

The past few weeks, I've been critiquing my layouts. You are your best critic, right? (Hehehe) I noticed that I don't journal. So, now, if I say that I scrapbook to preserve memories. I am mistaken. I scrapbook to design. And, I want to change that.

I started scrapbooking because I like to write. I write short stories, poems when I was in grade school and high school. I was part of the school paper. Yet now that I have a chance to tell stories about my daughters' childhood, I just cut and paste papers. I don't journal in my scrap layouts.

I am going to change. This is my mid year resolution. To journal.

Even if all my layouts have all those strips of paper that I usually use to journal, I'd do it. But, I am embarking on a new journey. I am going to find ways to journal. May it be hidden, through stamping, etc. From now on, there will be a journal. There will be a story.

Even if it's just place, date and time.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sketch 202

It's school holidays here and having the girls at home is good. They get to rest. No homework to come to hehe but the thing is, they sleep late because they have so much energy.

Here's Sketch 202 at Scrapbook Challenges. Don't you just love that kite? I fell in love with that! Hope you do too and join us at SC!