Sunday, 23 December 2007


Got the idea to cut the KI Pop Culture Coloring Book from Lia's layout. I used my Love, Elsie Lola leftovers for the scallop and the matting. And, as for the title, my new fave embellishment, AC Thickers Chipboard. Hehe.

Journal :


for the courage to take a step and try new things. Or admit defeat when I sensed one.

for making me tough to handle problems and smile and relax when it was over.

for quiet moments shared with loved-ones. That even though I face adversaties at work, I come home and they make me forget about them.

for the reason of my existence --- GOD and my FAMILY.

Note :

The journal should have been tagged per picture because each item of the journal was in relation of the pictures. But, when I started doing the layout, I don't know how to rearrange it anymore.

Friday, 21 December 2007

T'is the Season to Alter

These are some of the altered monos I made for my colleagues. While I was doing it, I couldn't help think if my colleagues, P and S will use these haha I feel that they're just not the type so I had to turn the monos into something useful. So, I made them into 2008 mobile calendars!

And, these, I made for my Malaysian colleague. He's going to give this to his girlfriend. Hehe. I am not trying to play cupid. I am trying to make amends though hahaha because I came in late last Wednesday when I asked him to come in at 8:30am. Haha. I used a 2007 desk calendar (actually made one desk calendar early this year for Pre). This is the front cover which I decorated using Love, Elsie papers. (Sorry for the resolution of the photo)

Let me just add that eversince I saw the AC Thickers chipboard from the album MWL Kelly made for me, I fell in love with them! The alphas are beauty in itself.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Thank you, Kelly! Thank you, MWL!

Last Saturday was the prize presentation for MWL's 4th Birthday Challenge. You can see the details here.

I got Kelly's album. How very apt! Even the title fits. She has been a wonderful part of our year because she was the one who braved the craziness of Sister C's crop party.

I am so in love with the album. In tribute, I will print the photo that Pre took of us and put it on the first page!

Again, thank you so much!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Who Would Have Thought???

Not me! I have a very low scrap-esteem...

But, I was so happy to find

Thank you to MWL team and to the DTs! MWL is a huge part of my life now. As I have said, in MWL, my friends and I found a community.

Really appreciate this! I am happy to have been a part of your 4th birthday celebration!

Here's to more successful years!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Surprisingly, these are all I have!

It's almost the end of my 2 week leave. I already feel sad at the prospect of leaving the girls that I kept on telling Pre that I want this setup to be permanent, in short, I want to stop working.

I dunno if I'm saying this because of the problem that I will face come Monday but I really like being at home. I used to hate washing the dishes but I find myself washing almost the whole day.

Whew! I think this post should be in my other blog. Hehe...

To mark the end of my 2 week vacation and so that I have something to show, proudly at that, to Ate A. I pestered Pre to assemble my 2 month old rack. Yes, 2 months old. I bought a very cheap rack at Carrefour ($19) as I don't feel comfortable spending big bucks to something that we will later lug to another house. I am el cheapo to the max! Hahaha!

I sorted my scrap materials and found out that it could fit to this rack (ok, ok, ok, plus bags, one that has all my stickers and the other which has my Carl Craft punchers and my small sewing machine which Pre doesn't want me to display in fear of my girls touching and hurting themselves --- haha found a reason!). Imagine that! That means, I don't have much! Hahaha! What a relief! I've been quite guilty hording.

Anyway, have a peek. This doesn't mean that I am going to LSS tomorrow hahaha

But, now, I don't feel so guilty! Hehehe. So happy that I finally managed to organize.