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Cover of the 6x6 album (Stemma paper with colored pattered chipboards)

Page 1 - It's a Girl!

Some of the other pages :

Last Page : Tickled Pink


I couldn't help but write something about these layouts. A lot of people has been asking why I scrap Dawter T more. Truthfully, my first born has a lot of very good pictures, whereas Bebi A (Andi short for Andrea) is a lot more shy (though she's slowly keeping up).

Anyway, this album is very special to me because this is the first album of Bebi A. Though the papers were pre-cut, I so loved this SEI pack! Wish I could get some more of this. I love the colors of the PPs which are mostly in pink, blue and brown.

Another reason why this album is special to me is because I did this while stuck at my hotel room in Hong Kong last week. This made me miss Bebi A so much more (one of the reasons why I changed to an earlier flight haha). I brought some stack and this was what I managed to "almost" finish.

Thanks to {Create} for another challenge! I honestly didn't think that I will be able to finish one.

Saturday, 8 September 2007