Friday, 23 December 2011

December To Remember : Ingredients

I love to cook. But, the thing is, I am not type to make substitutes. I get scared of the outcome (aka "pintas"). For our Christmas Eve celebration, I decided to create a favorite Filipino dish during the Christmas holidays --- "Embotido" or meatloaf.

Bebi A couldn't helped gushing as I prepare it. What with the Spam, Franks, cheeze that I added, all of which are her favorites. But, I am digressing... The thing is, I couldn't find sweet pickle relish. I bought pickled Gherkins from the supermarket but when I tasted it, it was different or maybe because I didn't buy the sweet one.

I have tried the mixture and it was lacking of tangy/sweet thing. Or is it all in my mind? I am waiting for the Filipino store to open and ask if they have it. But, that's another trip which my husband will probably shake his head off. How I miss Singapore's buses and trains, well even the taxi!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

December to Remember : A Christmas Card

I tried finishing all my gift cards today and was inspired to make a card. The person I am giving to doesn't like roses so I tried not to put any but couldn't cut the ones on the paper so she has to bear with it.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December to Remember : Last Challenge for SC

I have decided to step down from SC DT. It has been a long and wonderful relationship with the site as design team member. I joined SC as DT on September 2008 and only stepped down for a term in 2010. But, quickly joined the 2nd term of that year coz I missed it so much.

I know I will still miss being with SC DT. They are a great bunch of gals. But, my new role as domestic goddess (yes, I call myself that!) and a working mom still needs some major getting used to. And my scrap stuffs are still inside the boxes and though I am taking them out one by one, I couldn't really focus because there are are projects to finishes, dishes to wash and 2 girls to look after.

Maybe someday I will be able to scrap "fulltime" again...

Anyways, I hope you can join me in my last challenge at SC. Here it goes :

Dear Santa,

I'm sure all of us has been good and nice, never naughty!
In fact, our Wild Card challenge is to make a project with a letter to you and then to tell you how good we are!

And, Of course, that letter also includes our wish lists (ehem!) ...
Here's a sample and I hope you'll like it!


If Santa doesn't stop by, we'll just do a random draw for Fancy Pants Love Story Collection.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December To Remember : The Good News

One thing that was keeping us on edge was that the girls don't have a school yet.

Our move starting from the time we left Melbourne in June til now was centered on our daughters' school. Pre and I were focused on the girls' adjustment. We wanted to enroll them in a school where they know someone. So, we planned on getting them into St. Peter Chanel. We just didn't realize THEN that it's not that easy.

  • When Pre got his job, I asked if we should still pursue the school since his job is in the EAST. The school is in the WEST. He said it's ok. He will manage.

  • When Pre was house hunting and couldn't find a house near the school, I wondered if we should just enroll them in another Catholic School. He said we'll find one. Have faith. We did find one. Not our dream house. We will manage.

  • When we came to Melbourne to start our new life and was told that there are no more slots for level 4. We were devastated. It's like everything that led to this was just not worth it. But, Pre said they will get in, let's just have faith. I called the school a number of times, pleading until the principal emailed me that they really don't have a slot for level 4 but there's a student who might be leaving and that will free up one slot. He will contact me if the family confirms their decision.

  • And, as for myself, I decided to just pray and wait (but with a little anxiousness on the side). Until yesterday when I couldn't take it anymore. I sms my friend B and she said she'll come with me to the other school. I told her that I will just a get a recommendation letter from the priest but I emailed the principal again, hoping he will answer with good news. My girls took their time taking a bath and we ended up going there at around 11AM. The parish secretary greeted us and she informed us that the priest said mass somewhere. As we were walking away, I was thinking maybe we don't need the letter anymore, maybe St. Peter will have a slot.

  • We went home, tired after a 20 minute walk (to and fro). Trying to pacify the girls, I allowed them to create cards on Smiggle website (AGAIN!) I started to work and then lo and behold... An email pop up on my screen ~~~ from the principal. I was bracing myself for not so good news but before I opened it, I said a little prayer. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that he has good news for me. Hahaha. I jumped up and down, did a little jiggy dance, my girls looked up but resumed their "work" on their Smiggle's card. I told them the good news but they just smiled at me. Huh! Funny Moment!

  • That lifted a little thorn (okay, big thorn) on my chest! The priest called me in the afternoon, I don't even know where he got my number but he confirmed that I can just bring the girls to St. Peter, that everything is alright now. That I don't need a letter for the other school.

God works in mysterious ways, but I know his continuous work in me. I never learn. I never fathom that he wants me to be PATIENT and to ALWAYS PUT MY TRUST IN HIM. I always had to do something. And, my something is not enough until HE DOES HIS WAY.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

December To Remember : Laughter

Laughter. It's such a sweet sound especially coming from the people closest to your heart.

We were on our way to the city via train and Dawter T asked if we can play World's Longest Sentence.
We were all being silly with the words. We laughed from Albion to Melbourne Central.

Pre said, "This is the best day ever!" Hahaha

December to Remember : Oh Christmas Tree!

We were kinda late in putting up a Christmas. In fact, my not-so-sentimental hubby didn't want to put one at all! But, we had to insist, since it's our first Christmas here!

I was very happy to find the DIY Christmas ball. Good thing, I have some family photos with me. And, of course, I can't fail to mention the butterflies... That was a good find! I was thinking to add one everyone. I hope I get to find them every year. Hehehe.

My daughter asked me why are we putting butterflies in our Christmas tree? Hmmm, my answer was ~~~ Butterflies are pretty like you and Bebi A. Ok, not so profound... But, I just had to put them.

I've been seeing a lot of butterflies lately, at our backyard which looks like the untamed wild now hahaha and while walking outside. When butterflies visit, I feel like a friend is visiting me. I just get this nice, "it's a good day" feeling.

So, now, I just look at the colorful butterfly ornaments and I feel that it will be a good life.

Friday, 2 December 2011

December to Remember : Four Seasons

Though we were looking forward to four seasons. The cold was the least we're after. We're finding out that Melbourne, for all its raw beauty, has four seasons in one day. Hehe. And, it gets really COLD in the early morning. One thing I've noticed is that you'll get numb to the cold after awhile. I remember my previous company where we had to work inside the data center almost all day and the cold was unbearable. It was sort of like that ~ but fresher (?) hehehe

Aside from the cold, I'm quite happy with the clouds. I was telling Dawter T how I can see cloud formations here while we hang our clothes outside. It's like a scrapbook page but I would say better. It gives me this feeling of serenity while I look at it, it makes washing the dishes bearable (LOL) coz I look at it while I do this chore. (Dishwashing is my least favorite chore)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

December to Remember : Home Sweet Home

Pardon the lack of projects but most of my scrapbook materials are still out there in the ocean or maybe sea. I am awaiting eagerly for them to come. I miss them so much...


So. HELLO from Down Under!

We still don't have internet connection yet and I am connecting via Iphone which I'd say works pretty well for me. The speed is bearable and I am even on VPN at this point. VPN because I WAS SO EAGER BEFORE to start work. Now... It's a different story. Hehe.

The house that Pre found is very simple, it's out in the suburb, near the supposedly school where we want the girls to go to. Unfortunately, we were too late and they don't have a slot for Dawter T in level 4. I was quite worried and instead of being happy that our family is finally together, I threw a tantrum. Hehe. Yes, I did! I think the first time ever! Well, it didn't last very long coz my husband won't allow it to. He talked to me seriously, he didn't raise his voice but asked me to talk to him. I was so happy with this change in him, being far for a few months does wonders, hehehe...

My work is with the same company, they rehired me on contract basis. I work from home for a few months. Hopefully, for 12 months hahaha as the office is quite far from our place.

It's good to be back online even on a quota basis. I missed this blog. Hopefully I can get crafty soon!

Friday, 28 October 2011


Life (or maybe scrapbooking) takes you to places, to people you never thought you'd see or meet.

Anyways... I am not really saying goodbye to my Singapore Scrapmates but we just met up UNTIL THE NEXT CROP. Where and when? Not sure yet. LOL.

I was soooo inspired by Mareng E's vintage party that I wanted to make a kit for my friends to play with but I do not want to make a sample. Gosh! No! Hahaha... My guests are veteran scrapbookers, they know their way around. When my mind is not confined to work, I was thinking about papers and gimmicks for the crop. Initially, I thought of one sketch where everyone will follow. But, nah, the people coming have their own style and I wanted to challenge their comfort zone. It all fell into place when Sister C said, why not pattern it after Amazing Race! And, that was it, ideas just started to flow.

So anyways, I gave them start line task which was to guess a phrase in order for them to get their DETOURS. Then, once they finish their detours, they can get their sketch and kits.

The kits are composed of Amy Tangerine papers, my latest love. And, I was so happy that they loved it. It was so much fun playing with Amy's papers. Hayyy this is a lot like the love I had for the Love, Elsie line before. Hehe.

It was pure bliss. Giving them their own sketches proved to be a gem. Even with the papers and sketch, they still made it their own! More stories of Mareng B's blog.

Thanks to the yummy food that Bebang and Mareng E brought!
Thanks to the tools/stamps/etc. that Mareng B loaned us!
Thanks to Mader L for bringing the Selphy printer!
Thanks to Sister C for all her help with the conceptualization and for trying to find ink for the Selphy!

Love you girls!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Butterflies Need a new HOME

Please email me if you want butterflies/scallops circles (3inches), I've packed most of my scrapbooking stuffs and I don't want to throw my scraps of papers away. So instead, I punched butterflies and scallops. Please email me your address at and I'll gladly post it to you.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sketch 271

by SC DT, Dinah...

I got really frustrated towards the end of making my layout... Huhuhu... I wanted to undo the last few strokes which was to put the title and make a mess of it. Hahaha... Sometimes, you just need to close your eyes and let go... Coz I didn't have much time last weekend...

We're moving soon and with that comes packing of 12 years worth of momentos and personal effect. It's so hard for me to part ways with the baby bags that we got from Thomson Medical and other stuffs but I need to... I am limiting myself to 20-25 boxes ONLY! I hope we can manage it for I feel my scrapbooking stuff alone is worth 4 boxes already.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Featured Member at InspireMe

I haven't been to many scrapbooking sites lately... I haven't even been updating my blog regularly. But, I still scrap to release all my stress due to the move and at work.

Since most of my papers are from Webster's Pages and I think almost everybody knows how I love WP, I did upload some of my newer layouts to their NING site. And, guess what, I was featured! Woot!

Thank you, Webster's Pages!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Sketch 270

I tried mixing mists and I don't know if I pulled it off. LOL. Been using my new Webster's Pages papers which is highly unusual for me since I like to just look at those papers. Hehehe... I just can't resist working on them this time.

The sketch was made by Nanette and I hope you can check it out and all the other challenges at SC!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Made From Scratch

I love the title, got it from Bo Bunny but it was so apt for this little girl. LOL. A week back, I asked her why is she soooo cute? She said she doesn't know, she's just cute! Hehehe...

Moving Forward

This is very sentimental to me because this layouts marks my acceptance of the move, since I've finally scrapped it. It's 6 weeks to go and counting... This was actually the first layout where I used All About Me papers. In fact, I even used the die cut papers. But, it's like the title, I have to move forward too with my materials. Hahaha...

Sketch 269

I've opened my Webster's Pages All About Me papers and I braved cutting it. It was painful but worth it! LOL!

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Way Behind

I am way behind in posting my takes on the sketches. I was busy with so many things which I will blog later on. Anyways, I just stopped by to post my takes on the past sketches at SC.

More on my friend, E's scrapbooking party. I felt out of place wearing shorts and shirt. I didn't realize that they will really be in vintage "mode". But, it was so much fun and I felt that I was in seventh heaven facilitating the workshop. More on the workshop and the album we made.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blog Your Heart

While working overtime (yes, I was working but waiting for the server to start up), I blog hopped to one of my favorite scrapper/writer --- Stephanie Howell, and found her post about blogging from the heart... I decided to take part about what's in my thoughts and what's happening lately...

  1. I couldn't believe how fast the days are... I am a bit worried because I spend long hours at work lately. I have so little time to follow-up on my things to do for the move. I haven't really found an international mover yet. I haven't prepared for the resale appointment. Though you'll give me a star for following up with my boss if I can stay with my current company. That's the bright light amongst the pile of to do's.

  2. I just want to share about this. Yesterday, I had a good prayer time. I prayed for some important things, and some important people. And, it was so funny, a breakthrough came just when I told the Lord that I am letting go. I've been worrying about it for quite some time, and now, I am ashamed of myself BUT HAPPY. Hahaha...

  3. Last Saturday, we watched one of my favorite cartoons, SMURFS. It made me cry... La La LALALALA La La La La...

  4. The girls are doing great! My Bebi A had cough and it just suddenly disappeared after 3 swimming lessons. Hmmm... Should I still believe her pedia? He told me never to bring her swimming if she has cough. Well, it's gone now. Dawter T has been eating well and we told her that her tummy's getting big. She's becoming a little lady and it is evident from all the changes her body is undergoing right now.

  5. On the scrappy front, I am doing a mini-album from scratch. I am very happy with the result. And, I thank my friend, E, for giving me this opportunity. Hehehe. I will be helping E on her scrapbook party and this album is the sample. I hope to incorporate techniques that would entice the guests to follow through with scrapbooking.

  6. My server is still not up but hopefully it'll be anytime now.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

An All Girls Party

I was really not comfortable to hold a party without the hubby but I promised Dawter T that we would celebrate her 9th birthday with her friends from school. Well, I'm glad we did! It was so much FUN!!! Amidst all the screams and the shrills, the girls were so much fun to talk to. They're very mature 9 year olds.

I convinced the Dawter to hold a scrapbook party and a baking party and a spa party and so on... In the end, it was a scrapbooking party with lots of games. They had fun with the "pabitin with a twist"; and they ate a lot of corn dogs. Hehe!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sketch 265

The sketch was created by Nat. She's a scrapbooker that I really admire and I love her work so much.

I fell in love with the Amy Tangerine papers when I saw them at my LSS. I knew that these are the papers that I will use for this sketch.

Was very busy this weekend. Dawter T had her all-girls 9th birthday party. We taught her friends to scrapbook and I was amazed by their different interpretations. Then, on Sunday, the girls went for their swimming lessons and I got the chance to run off to my LSS and buy the new Webster's Pages collections. I bought the 4 kits (shame, shame, shame...) but I was very happy and guilty. Hehe... Hope to use them soon!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Product Challenge : ABC 123

If you are like me who uses AC Thickers a lot, you'll probably have a lot of unwanted stash --- unwanted being the letters that you can't use anymore because they can't form any more words and you just don't want to mix it with other AC Thickers unless you buy the same font.

I've promised myself that I will housekeep those AC Thickers coz it's quite painful for me to keep them.

So, while thinking about a product challenge, it suddenly dawned on me, "Why not use most of them in my page?" Well, here's the finished layout. Hehe. I am mighty proud that the numerics of one of my AC Thickers are almost finished. It feels liberating.

Hope you can join me at SC!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sketch 264

It took me sometime to create my take on the sketch though I probably could have done and embellish more, I love that grassy hill, the flower and the title. I was looking for a stamp that has those script that you can't decipher lol but couldn't find one at my LSS.

Though we had a long weekend due to the presidential election and Hari Raya Puasa, spent most of it working. Working on my daughters' teacher's day presents lol (which I forgot to take pictures of) coz we still crammed last night and I had a late night meeting with my colleague from the US. I love the gifts though and hopefully I can recreate them for another event.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Winner Is

Message from Dawter T :

Thank you for taking time to post your favorite quotes! I will treasure it forever.

Congratulations, Liliput!

Please email me your address at

Thank you!!!

Paper Swap + Scrapcake RAK from BellaIdeaScrapology

I realized a few months back that my style is now almost always falls to romantic, shabby category. I guess it's because of the papers that I use. I just love those soft pastels and flowers that it's so hard for me to scrap with bright, fun colors. LOL!

Anyway, I met this wonderful lady when she joined Scrapbook Challenges Design Team. She is from Poland! Her layouts are really so beautiful. Full Stop. That's the only thing you can say because you will be left speechless. You have to see for yourself ---> BellaIdeaScrapology !

And who else is from Poland? Well, none other than Karola. I love Karola's work. I can browse through her blog all day and will be very happy.

So anyway, my co-dt member Agniezka", have this uber cool idea! She couldn't get Webster Pages' papers in Poland and I've been looking for Scrapcake papers. So she proposed this paper swap thingy! Of course, me, the WP paper hoarder has to grab this opportunity! Bought some Let's Celebrate papers, Trendsetter and Yacht club papers for this dear lady and shipped them. The next day, I received my Scrapcake papers! Woohoo! Ok, if you think that the postal system suddenly became like Harry Potter's owl system, nope, of course not, she mailed my papers the week before! Hehe!

So, in my possesion now are Scrapcake's 12x12 Bright Side of Life papers which was designed by Karola, a 6x6 pad, and a whole lot more! Thank you so much, Agniezka!

And before I forget and look at my papers once again, please stop by Agniezka's BellaIdeaScrapology for a CHANCE TO WIN these super gorgeous Scrapcake papers!!! Yes, same papers that I have now!

Thank You

  • to all who posted comments for my eldest's thanksgiving RAK... We will announce the winner as soon as she wakes up LOL

Yesterday was something to be really thankful for. My long time friend, E, has started scrapbooking recently and I really admire her enthusiasm because she invited some moms and their kids to a scrapbooking workshop. And, I had the privilege to "teach" these kids, I was really nervous because I am not really a good speaker. I think it is because I am very insecure with my English. For some reason, it takes time for me to process the English sentence I am about to say. Hahaha. And, it's not about Lotus Domino/Notes, I do training at work but that's a subject matter that I've been working on for 12 years (gosh! I even had the guts to admit my geekiness).

Anyway, despite my inept and awkwardness, it was more fun teaching kids about scrapbooking than conducting trainings LOL. After getting over my nervousness, I just rattled on what I know about scrapbooking though I think the kids almost fell asleep during the time I was telling them about it. I should have just skipped that part and went to the misting demo by Sister C which was a huge success. The kids seemed to like it! Who wouldn't! Misting is like magic!

We then proceeded with the 9x9 layout. The layout is suited to kids (with their moms! hehehe). The moms did most of the cutting jobs while the kids pasted. They had fun putting double sided tape and making the elements pop out. What I realized is that kids have their own way of expressing an idea. Though, there were three clouds, some cut four which I really, really appreciate! Because I told them that although there's a sample, they do not need to copy it element by element. They can make it their OWN! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP! I am really so proud!

This was the finished layout by my friend, E. This is the sample that we showed to the class. I didn't save the sketch I did LOL as I drew it in a post-it note. Hahaha.

Again, thank you to my friend, E and her CFC friends for giving me this opportunity!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sketch 263

Wanna win some Prima papers + other goodies? Please click here!

There is a bit of story with those bricks. I cut ALL of those bricks from raw grey board and painted them twice with Picket Fence Crackle paint. Picket Fence is color white. My plan was to mist or paint them later on with brown. My two daughters couldn't help themselves. Kept on telling me that bricks should be RED. So I showed them a patterned paper where the bricks are in brown. But, my kids are idealist. They just wouldn't budged. So off I went to the LSS and bought the red crackle paint and applied another layer. 3 coatings of crackle paint turned out nice (and expensive LOL). Love, love this layout! And to top it all, I used Tim Holtz alphas for the first time in this layout. All other papers are scraps though so the expense is still bearable. Hehe. Result - priceless!

9 Years

The LUCKY 9 BLOG RAK is still OPEN. Hope you can join us!!!

9 years flew by... I couldn't believe that my little first born is now at the her last year of single digit age. And, we've started acquiring some things that is inevitable for her growing body. *wink* No mention of boys yet so I am a bit relieved on that part. LOL.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lucky 9 Blog RAK

My eldest daughter is celebrating her 9th birthday this coming Monday and looking back, it is as if time warped and I got myself a 9 year old. This sleep deprived, not so hungry baby suddenly became this young lady right in front of my eyes...

She was this temperamental baby who couldn't sleep at night, kept daddy and mommy awake that first 4 months. Suddenly, she just slept the night through and I panicked. I asked my boss if this is a sign that she's sick or something (first time mom!), my boss laughed and she told me she has adjusted. Oh finally, right!

She was a very happy baby, never lacking attention. She went to all those phases from Barney, HI-5, Disney Princesses until it became Totally Spies, now I, Carly...

She used to say Cindewella... Totally have no "R"s... Now, she's the one correcting her little sister when she speaks incorrectly. She practices for her oral exams, not only in English but also in Mandarin.

She will always be our baby... And we will always be at her back, waiting for her to look back when she needs help, then we will walk beside her because that is the time to just hold hands and celebrate her success...

Looking back and more, here are 9 Things about Her...

She had to stay at the hospital for a week because of Jaundice

She started walking at exactly 9 months

She's very serious but once you get to know her, she will crack you up!.

She loves to dance, draw and write stories.

Her favorite subject is Math. I can't fathom how she could answer those complicated Math problems at her age but she does.

She loves salted popcorn.

She likes to lead her group projects or organize games with her friends and cousins ... aka bossy...

She sleeps with her fake dog, Fluffy.

She loves deeply.

As thanksgiving, we hope you can join us in this little blog RAK!
Please share with us a favorite quote or advice that you've read or have heard. I am planning to create a wall decor/layout for her with all those advices/quotes. Thank you so much!!!

These goodies are (my current fave papers) 16 A4 sized Prima Pixie Glen patterned papers, Prima stamp, Authentique alpha stickers, assorted Maya Road chipboards, MME die cut, flowers, brads, ribbons.

The birthday girl will pick the "lucky one" next Saturday!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tim Holtz

My cousin and I absolutely adore Tim Holtz. Period. In fact, if we met him earlier in our lives, he will probably be the first guy we'll fight about coz he's the first guy we both fell in love with. LOL! Anyways, the lucky chick went to a Tim Holtz class. I know! Did I already say lucky!

Much as she would have wanted to have him all to herself. She love me more! Sorry, Tim! And, she got me a birthday present. The first one was a video of him and her greeting me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! OMG! That made my day when I watched it!

So who would have guessed that there will be more? Well, she did say she sent something for me and my sister!

And it finally arrived here in Singapore. An autographed APRON from Tim Holtz! Love love love!!!

Thank you, B!!! Love you!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

These are the GOOD OLD DAYS

I seldom :

1. add brads to my layouts but those were one of the first scrapbooking stuffs that I have hoarded and used... I used them for my daughters invitations or for cards...
2. use buttons with thread, maybe because I don't have pretty threads like the ones on the layout --- thanks to my
good friend, Jolanda! She sent me these a few months ago. :D
3. use non-scrapbooking thingies on my layout; like notebook paper from Dawter T, paper clips from friend R (dipped on acrylic paint hahaha coz these were from the office and we go by the standard silver ones), staple wires...
4. use a photo of my pretty sisters on a layout... (from left (youngest); mid (middle child); right (me - oldest)
5. create splats of paints and mists on my layouts... But, my co-SC dt, Nat, really inspired me! You should check out her blog and challenge blog!

I noticed :

1. that I do a lot of grid layouts; when I am in doubt, I DO GRID...
2. that I am still scared to use my handwriting for journaling
3. that painting brads or dipping them in acrylic paints are sooo much fun!
4. that I love using rub-ons for titles because it blends well with the layout...
5. that my face is really huge on this layout!!! Bleh!

Sketch 262

A very good Wednesday to everyone! I am back with Sketch 262. A very simple layout from me this time. Actually, when I finished this, I felt like it wasn't me who made this but Dawter T. I haven't done something like this (I think) in a long time and I really felt uncomfortable and a bit weird. The white space totally fazed me, it's not as if I haven't done layouts with a lot of white spaces but I am not used to layouts without "pop dots". Please head to Scrapbook Challenges NING site for more inspiration!

Well, this was US in 2007. Back when my hubby still has a LOT of hair (compared to now hehehe I am very sure that will be his first comment on this picture when he sees this layout). Hehe.

Last Saturday was Dawter T's first Holy Communion. Of course, the "good" mom made some souvenirs with special thanks to Bo Bunny for the free digitals on their website! My daughters and I bought these very cute rosaries from our parish which was kept in an "egg" container. Dawter T gave these out to her classmates.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sketch 261

It's not really Christmas but I just wanted to use the Webster's Pages Christmas papers from last year's hehehe And I have been using my gold embossing powder for quite a lot these past few weeks... May it be for scrapbooking or for my daughter's props for school. That's how addicted I am to embossing these days. Well, I've always felt that embossing is magic. And I need a bit of magic in my life to perk me up hehehe... The red sprinkles were Stickles that I spread out and the frames were chipboards that I pained them embossed with --- yes--- gold embossing powder! Hahaha...

I just didn't like how the upper right turned out. My handwriting is not really a "scrapbooking" font hahaha and that's what hinders me most of the time to write my journal.

Thank you for looking! Hope you can hop over to Scrapbook Challenges for mojo-booster challenges and inspirations!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sketch 260

Where did July go? Well, I know... It went to my server upgrades, late night meetings and late nights Criminal Minds marathon hee hee... Has anyone of you watch CM? Don't you feel like you need to check if your doors are locked often during the entire episode? Well, I've finished all 6 seasons and eagerly awaiting for the 7th. Hahaha...

Well, it's a brand new week and that means a brand new sketch at SC! This week's sketch is brought to you by our new DT, Bev.

I find it truly, truly amazing that these two photos are different people. The one on the right is my daughter, Bebi A. And, the one on the left is me... I am so happy that we look so much alike but I hope she is happy too... Hahaha... She was telling me last night that her classmate told her that we look alike. I asked which picture did your classmate see. "Ohhh the one when I was just born" Hahahahaha... Really??? That was hilarious! She was just a few minutes old and her face all gooey and mushy because a few minutes ago she was just inside my tummy... Well... I don't know if her classmate was psychic or she's just trying to be funny, hahaha...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

SS13 : Look Beyond

Today is my birthday, well, it's almost coming to an end in this part of the world but before it does, I would like to share with you all the sketch I contributed for Sizzling Summer Sketches at Scrapbook Challenges. Finally discovered the wonder that's called shapes in Photoshop Elements, LOL! All the elemets are from PE, even the splats.

And, here's my take on the sketch, it took me about 3 days to finish this. I didn't really work on it the whole time but I did experiment on my paint dabber, mists, chalk, Stickles, crackle paint. I know that it's not really much but my paints were very happy that they were opened and they get to breathe fresh air.

I am still not sure if mixed media is for me coz it made me wash my hands a lot of times that the natural oil is probably gone by now. The OC in me doesn't like my hands getting paint, Stickles, etc. Duhhh... It was fun though and I really hope that I will.

Btw, the upper right hand?! Do you see the key there? Pardon me, but I got carried away with mixed media that you couldn't really see the image of the key anymore. Hehe. But, it's a key that I cut free hand. I love that key though you can't see it. LOL!

For my birthday gift, I gave myself the gift of REST as a present. I've been working overtime most days lately that I just want to do nothing for a change. But then, it's hard to break habit for a day, I still checked my emails at work and still logged on today to solve one issue. But, promise, that was the only one. *wink*

Thursday, 14 July 2011

SS09 : Chick

This layout is based on my dear friend, Jolanda's sketch. With eyes closed, I used my Bo Bunny Olivia papers, cut them up, tear them and used them on this layout. I love this layout, Bebi A loves it as well. She said she looks so cute on the photo LOL

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sizzling Summer of Sketches

Hope you can join us at SC as we kick off Sizzling Summer of Sketches... This is for SS06 which was designed by the fabulous and sweet, Natalie!

I also kicked off JULY with photos of my baby A who is no longer a baby at 6. Hehehe... I tend to scrap my eldest more, dunno why but my youngest tends to be goofy on her pictures hehehe okey, enough excuses, I am dedicating the whole of July to Bebi A.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SC Blog Hop Winner

Since it's Bebi A's birthday today, I asked her to pick the winner.

Bebi A's pick :

Kathleen, please email me your address at Thank you!

Born on the 5th of July

My baby is 6 years old today. How time flies... Sometimes I have to pinch myself really hard.

She's a notorious flirt. Hahaha... She has a crush on Bruno Mars.
Loves to sing songs but doesn't like to read.
She's very sweet. Likes to be hugged and kissed.
She's very generous with her time, with her things.

She likes to eat pasta without the sauce, just cheese.
Or noodles with rice? Carbo-loading.

I asked her one time what she wants to be when she grows up.
She said she wants to be a mommy. She wants to take care of her baby. Huh~

So, I don't dare ask again.

I couldn't believe that it's possible to love someone this much.
But, I love her more, much more than when I first saw her.
Much, much more as time passes by.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Scrapbook Challenges Pit Stop #26

Welcome to Scrapbook Challenges' Seasons of Change DT Blog Hop!

I am so glad you stopped by my humble abode. If this is your first time here, I am Sookie or Salme in most forums. If you've come by
Kate's Blog then you're on the right track coz I am your 26th stop! If you just stopped in, please make sure that you start at Brynn's blog first so that you won't miss out on any inspiration.

Scrapbook Challenges is a NING-based forum. It has been around since 2007 in MySpace! Every week, SC posts an original sketch by one of the DTs to challenge your creative side. Aside from the sketches, the design team also issues challenges, "games" and tutorials. If you need mojo-booster, join Scrapbook Challenges (that is, if you're not a member yet)! And then, there's the thing about prizes! Every month, if you make a layout from the sketch/challenges, you are entered into a monthly draw for that month's grand prize! And, let me tell you, the prizes are AWESOME!!!

Onto this hop, here's a kick off to SC's July event, a sketch by our dear Brynn, who is also celebrating her birthday today!!! Woohoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRYNN!!!

And, here's my take...

And some incentives for all of you!!!

1. For one person who leaves a comment on all the blogs in the hop, they will get the Salt Air Collection from Cosmo Cricket.

2. For one person who does a layout based on the sketch and posts in the HOP ON section, will receive a $20.00 USD Gift Certificate to

3. For inviting people to join the group one person will receive a mix of alcohol ink goodies from Ranger.

Colors may vary

4. One new member over the weekend will receive a mix of alcohol ink goodies from Ranger.

Colors may vary

5. And, a RAK from me by simply leaving a comment on this post.

Wow, lots of yummy goodies! I may be the last stop on the hop but don’t be sad coz now it’s your turn to join in. Make your way over to the Hop On Section of the forum for all the details.

Thank you so much for joining this Blog Hop!