Wednesday, 17 August 2011

These are the GOOD OLD DAYS

I seldom :

1. add brads to my layouts but those were one of the first scrapbooking stuffs that I have hoarded and used... I used them for my daughters invitations or for cards...
2. use buttons with thread, maybe because I don't have pretty threads like the ones on the layout --- thanks to my
good friend, Jolanda! She sent me these a few months ago. :D
3. use non-scrapbooking thingies on my layout; like notebook paper from Dawter T, paper clips from friend R (dipped on acrylic paint hahaha coz these were from the office and we go by the standard silver ones), staple wires...
4. use a photo of my pretty sisters on a layout... (from left (youngest); mid (middle child); right (me - oldest)
5. create splats of paints and mists on my layouts... But, my co-SC dt, Nat, really inspired me! You should check out her blog and challenge blog!

I noticed :

1. that I do a lot of grid layouts; when I am in doubt, I DO GRID...
2. that I am still scared to use my handwriting for journaling
3. that painting brads or dipping them in acrylic paints are sooo much fun!
4. that I love using rub-ons for titles because it blends well with the layout...
5. that my face is really huge on this layout!!! Bleh!

1 comment:

Benga said...

love the splats on this page! and I love the grid, yan ang hirap na hirap ako hehehehe