Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tim Holtz

My cousin and I absolutely adore Tim Holtz. Period. In fact, if we met him earlier in our lives, he will probably be the first guy we'll fight about coz he's the first guy we both fell in love with. LOL! Anyways, the lucky chick went to a Tim Holtz class. I know! Did I already say lucky!

Much as she would have wanted to have him all to herself. She love me more! Sorry, Tim! And, she got me a birthday present. The first one was a video of him and her greeting me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! OMG! That made my day when I watched it!

So who would have guessed that there will be more? Well, she did say she sent something for me and my sister!

And it finally arrived here in Singapore. An autographed APRON from Tim Holtz! Love love love!!!

Thank you, B!!! Love you!


Dress To Scrap said...

aaawww! and yes, we might fight over tim, but we may not be his type hahahahaha! happy scrapping! love you too miss you too.

j.leija said...

what an awesome gift!