Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Believe... One day At A Time...

This is a promised layout for my good friend, B.  I hope that she won't kill after I post this.  Not that she doesn't want her pics posted.  She just doesn't want this particular picture.  LOL.

She would know what I want to tell her in this layout.  She has gone through a lot and I always believed that she's a strong woman who can pass through anything in her life.  She has spread her cheerfulness to a lot of people and I hope she will never ever forget that.  How she means a lot to a lot of her friends.

Love you, my dear friend.  I really hope you won't kill me because I posted this. Seriously, I love this photo of you.  Remember, age doesn't matter and it doesn't show!  LOL...

I used the sketch at my new favorite online scrapbooking store - Anna's Craft Cupboard!

Getting Cold

I seriously thought that I will have more time to scrap during the school holidays but I had no time at all.  The good news that I had after a long while was that I finally got my project going at work.

Nevertheless, I am very giddy to report that I already have WP's Everyday Poetry.  For sure, it'll be ages before I open it but I am just so contented with it right now.  I also bought Prima flowers.  It's getting scary that online shopping is becoming my therapy for loneliness, helplessness and homesickness.  LOL. 

It's Autumn here now and it's getting cold.  Sometimes I couldn't get up in the morning but then I have to prepare breakfast and my girls' lunch boxes.  Sometimes I get afraid that it's not even winter yet and it's this cold.  Can't wait for spring!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Happy Birthday to OUAS!

Once Upon A... Sketch is celebrating its birthday today!
Just finished the blog hop and the inspiration is overflowing!
Hope you can join them too!