Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Believe... One day At A Time...

This is a promised layout for my good friend, B.  I hope that she won't kill after I post this.  Not that she doesn't want her pics posted.  She just doesn't want this particular picture.  LOL.

She would know what I want to tell her in this layout.  She has gone through a lot and I always believed that she's a strong woman who can pass through anything in her life.  She has spread her cheerfulness to a lot of people and I hope she will never ever forget that.  How she means a lot to a lot of her friends.

Love you, my dear friend.  I really hope you won't kill me because I posted this. Seriously, I love this photo of you.  Remember, age doesn't matter and it doesn't show!  LOL...

I used the sketch at my new favorite online scrapbooking store - Anna's Craft Cupboard!

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