Thursday, 30 April 2009

Into The Wild

Took me sometime to finish the album, I had the idea all panned out the moment I finished the animal cards. But, I don't know where to start.

Paper pieced the lion, tiger and hippo. It was so much fun creating something from paper then seeing them whole.

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Market Street
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Factory
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Historic District
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Popsicles
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Building Blocks
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Sandbox
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Cottage The Loft
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Cottage Woodland
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Chipboard Alphas
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Rub-ons

Other Products :

Maya Road Train Accordion album
Grant Cardstock 6x6 (black, orange)

Was out sick for two days. I went home at 12pm on Monday. Bebi A was so excited to see me. I was nursing colds and headache though thus couldn't really hug/kiss her. Dawter T didn't want to come near me, her head full of swine flu news! Grrrr!

That night, I had a chill. So, Pre turned off the airconditioner. Around 3 or 4AM. Bebi A shouted, "I want cold, I want cold!" Duh! Hahaha...

In the morning, went to the doc. It's quite standard here to get a medical certificate from the doc (yes, even for headache!), told the doc that I had chills and fever but since my temp was down, he only gave me one day mc! I thought my colds, headache and fever has eased up but on the second night, I had chills again!

So, Pre told me not to go to work yet. I went to the same doc! Why? Because my company's insurance is honored at that clinic. He was watching NBA while tending to sick patients! OMG! I so wanted to ask which team he's rooting on. My guess --- SPURS! And they lost big time to Pre's fave team (go MAVS!) He gave me fever meds and another medical cert! Arghhhhhh...

I felt a lot better yesterdaythough. Was even able to cook my daughters' fave dish (Beef in Mushroom ~~~ they only want to eat the mushrooms!) and baked brownies! Yep, they said it was edible but I was not too happy with the result! Hahaha...

Monday, 20 April 2009

Scrappalific is 3!

Want a great giveaway? Head on to Mareng B's blog for her blogoversary's candy! Yummy stuffs, I tell you...


This is a layout made from Scrap Within Reach's Afternoon Tea collection. I was trigger (scissors/tear) happy and I just cut and tear the papers. Love the Afternoon Tea's version of "The Cottage" flowers hihihi... You'll see lots of holes *wink* on this layout. Wish I could take better photos.

Dawter T is just one year old in this picture. This was the time when I was still waiting for my employment pass to be processed. I was just at home, itching to go to work. Hahaha. So not right!

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach ( The Cottage - The Lof
t, Afternoon Tea - Green Peony, Teaberry Blend, Raspberry Lace, Ribbons and Trims)

Other Products :

MME Princess

Friday, 17 April 2009

My Pets

One of our April projects for Scrap Within Reach was to make a shape card. I had so many ideas but finally decided to make these two (yes two!). One for Dawter T, the other for Bebi A.

Giraffe :

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Historic District
Scrap Within Reach Elliot Popsicles (eyes and spots)

Elephant :

Scrap Within Reach The Cottage Woodland
Scrap Within Reach Afternoon Tea English Breakfast
Autumn Leaves button

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

My Birthday Wishes

I was tagged by Mareng B just a few minutes ago (tenchu! halatang walang ginagawa)...

This is what I needed to do:

1. Make a list of what you want for your Birthday.
2. The list should be 10 numbers.
3. Include the image of this Award on your Post.
4. Give it to 10 Friends of yours.

  1. A new body (mwahahahaha)
  2. Baby Boy (errrmmm for next year)
  3. bigger kitchen (it follows that I need a bigger house)
  4. Scrap room (see number 3 in brackets)
  5. Craft Robo (din!)
  6. Trip somewhere out there
  7. EK's butterfly puncher
  8. new pajamas (because Bebi A wants me in them!)
  9. Photography class
  10. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (wish ko lang!)

I am tagging Pamela, Ed, Cousin VJ and all the SC gals!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sketch 138

I made this early last week when I was on child care leave. Sorry if the paper was a bit crumpled, I got it as RAK from Upsy Daisy last year and only managed to use it this week.
This is for Sketch 138 at Scrapbook Challenges. The SC girls rocked this sketch. You just have to see their creations!
And, guess who's the LO of the week at SC?! Yeah, it's sister C! She's on a scrapping roll these days!

Monday, 13 April 2009

The Week That Has Passed

We've been terribly busy last week coz Bebi A fell sick 9she's feeling better now and eating back the pounds she has lost), work was "wonderful" as always (just when I get to go out of the office and mingle with people who are in the same line of work as mine, the network had to make some booboos and I had to u-turn back from Orchard to my office), and it had to stay under the radar and observe lent.

We had went to the city and visited churches on Friday, was caught up in rain. Then, went home and cooked chili crabs for the first time. It was not edible as it was too spicy! Hahaha... But, since we like crabs, even though, we couldn't taste it anymore due to the spice, we still ate a whole lot. Hehehe. Lesson learned. Don't pour the whole bottle of sauce.

Saturday, instead of scrapping (since Pre and the girl went to their cousin's house), I sat down, lie down and watched season 2 and 3 of Grey's Anatomy. Only got up when they came home and had to set the dinner. Haha.

Sunday was spent attending a luncheon party, the girls had fun and don't even want to go home. But it's on the other side of "our" world. We had to get back so that Dawter T can study for her tests. (My daughter's into cramming, so much like me!!!)

Happy Easter!

SC's DT Call

For anyone interested, Scrapbook Challenges' moderator, Pamela, is looking for 3 new DTs for term May 2009 to August 2009. Please check this out for more info --- Design Team Call. Deadline is on April 20.

SC is really a great place to be at! What are you waiting for, Creative Ladies?!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sketch 137

I am on child care leave since yesterday. Bebi A has stomach flu. Poor girl threw up at church last Sunday. But, even though she's not feeling well, she was still on the go and very active.

Here's the new sketch for Scrapbook Challenges by our uber talented Pamela who made it to the digital/hybrid design team of Marks Paper Company! Way to go, Pamela!

Do join the challenges this month. Scarlet Lime is sponsoring this month's prize!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sharpen Your Scissors

Because there'll be serious hand-cutting at {Create}. The very pretty and uber talented, Jaz, issued the challenge for this month.

Took me 2 days to finish this layout (with break, of course) and I love the mix of colors of these Webster Pages' papers. I reused the photo because I want to put this layout in a shadow box to display at our home. And, that was our latest family photo.

Ed's Sketch

Early March, I got an email from Ed and she invited me to be the guest designer at Ed's Sketch blog. I was thrilled to be invited and said yes.

The challenge is to create a border using your stamps. Here's what I came up with :

I hope you'll join Ed and the DTs this month. There will be a RAK prize for the winner!