Monday, 20 April 2009


This is a layout made from Scrap Within Reach's Afternoon Tea collection. I was trigger (scissors/tear) happy and I just cut and tear the papers. Love the Afternoon Tea's version of "The Cottage" flowers hihihi... You'll see lots of holes *wink* on this layout. Wish I could take better photos.

Dawter T is just one year old in this picture. This was the time when I was still waiting for my employment pass to be processed. I was just at home, itching to go to work. Hahaha. So not right!

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach ( The Cottage - The Lof
t, Afternoon Tea - Green Peony, Teaberry Blend, Raspberry Lace, Ribbons and Trims)

Other Products :

MME Princess