Thursday, 30 April 2009

Into The Wild

Took me sometime to finish the album, I had the idea all panned out the moment I finished the animal cards. But, I don't know where to start.

Paper pieced the lion, tiger and hippo. It was so much fun creating something from paper then seeing them whole.

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Market Street
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Factory
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Historic District
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Popsicles
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Building Blocks
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Elliot Sandbox
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Cottage The Loft
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Cottage Woodland
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Chipboard Alphas
Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Rub-ons

Other Products :

Maya Road Train Accordion album
Grant Cardstock 6x6 (black, orange)

Was out sick for two days. I went home at 12pm on Monday. Bebi A was so excited to see me. I was nursing colds and headache though thus couldn't really hug/kiss her. Dawter T didn't want to come near me, her head full of swine flu news! Grrrr!

That night, I had a chill. So, Pre turned off the airconditioner. Around 3 or 4AM. Bebi A shouted, "I want cold, I want cold!" Duh! Hahaha...

In the morning, went to the doc. It's quite standard here to get a medical certificate from the doc (yes, even for headache!), told the doc that I had chills and fever but since my temp was down, he only gave me one day mc! I thought my colds, headache and fever has eased up but on the second night, I had chills again!

So, Pre told me not to go to work yet. I went to the same doc! Why? Because my company's insurance is honored at that clinic. He was watching NBA while tending to sick patients! OMG! I so wanted to ask which team he's rooting on. My guess --- SPURS! And they lost big time to Pre's fave team (go MAVS!) He gave me fever meds and another medical cert! Arghhhhhh...

I felt a lot better yesterdaythough. Was even able to cook my daughters' fave dish (Beef in Mushroom ~~~ they only want to eat the mushrooms!) and baked brownies! Yep, they said it was edible but I was not too happy with the result! Hahaha...


Cathy said...

Oh thank. I'm a bit nervous, especially about my first challenge but I'm so

Claude said...

That album is totally awesome, so creative!!!

Get better soon, and send me your beef in mushrooms recipe, wont you?! Sounds yummy! ;)

sarah said...

CUUUUUTE! loving it. :)

thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i totally appreciate it.


Jeff and Pia said...

This is so cute Salme! You make me want to buy that accordion album LOL!

Btw, thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog!


Chipmunk said...

Hi Soox! I've been meaning to post a comment and here it is: FANTASTIC ALBUM! I love the PPs, the design and everythng! Ka-banas, sana ma-inspire uli ako. I'm mostly concentrating on LOs. Hehehe. TFS!