Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lucky 9 Blog RAK

My eldest daughter is celebrating her 9th birthday this coming Monday and looking back, it is as if time warped and I got myself a 9 year old. This sleep deprived, not so hungry baby suddenly became this young lady right in front of my eyes...

She was this temperamental baby who couldn't sleep at night, kept daddy and mommy awake that first 4 months. Suddenly, she just slept the night through and I panicked. I asked my boss if this is a sign that she's sick or something (first time mom!), my boss laughed and she told me she has adjusted. Oh finally, right!

She was a very happy baby, never lacking attention. She went to all those phases from Barney, HI-5, Disney Princesses until it became Totally Spies, now I, Carly...

She used to say Cindewella... Totally have no "R"s... Now, she's the one correcting her little sister when she speaks incorrectly. She practices for her oral exams, not only in English but also in Mandarin.

She will always be our baby... And we will always be at her back, waiting for her to look back when she needs help, then we will walk beside her because that is the time to just hold hands and celebrate her success...

Looking back and more, here are 9 Things about Her...

She had to stay at the hospital for a week because of Jaundice

She started walking at exactly 9 months

She's very serious but once you get to know her, she will crack you up!.

She loves to dance, draw and write stories.

Her favorite subject is Math. I can't fathom how she could answer those complicated Math problems at her age but she does.

She loves salted popcorn.

She likes to lead her group projects or organize games with her friends and cousins ... aka bossy...

She sleeps with her fake dog, Fluffy.

She loves deeply.

As thanksgiving, we hope you can join us in this little blog RAK!
Please share with us a favorite quote or advice that you've read or have heard. I am planning to create a wall decor/layout for her with all those advices/quotes. Thank you so much!!!

These goodies are (my current fave papers) 16 A4 sized Prima Pixie Glen patterned papers, Prima stamp, Authentique alpha stickers, assorted Maya Road chipboards, MME die cut, flowers, brads, ribbons.

The birthday girl will pick the "lucky one" next Saturday!


Carmen said...

Hi Sookie!!!! Congrats for your little princess 9 birthday!!!!!

"No legacy is so rich as honesty"

Love this quote!


Jingle said...

Well, Happy Birthday, dear!

"Be Yourself! Everyone else is already taken."

liliput said...

Happy happy 9th birthday Thea!

"Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.” – Richard L. Evans"


Dress To Scrap said...

"Be good and work hard" by your ninang B.

rebecca said...

have a great birthday!!

"When life veers from the course you had planned out, re-evaluate your priorities and maybe you'll find that what you have is better than what you had planned."

Miley Ramos said...

Happy Birthday dear Thea!

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." :)

Juju said...

My favourite one for the birthday girl when she falls in love later and had a broken heart.

Knowing he'll never be yours again
Though love is there but so is pain
People says that time will heal
But time cant control how you feel
Yes, the song used to be a love theme
But listening to it alone isn't as happy as it seems
Bear in mind, the harder you try forgetting
Will mean the more you will be missing
So let the 'love' and 'miss' go on
Someday it'll unconciously be gone
Probably its gonna take long
But 1 day
The love theme would jus be a normal song

Anonymous said...


is it just for sg? or i can also join - from hk? thanks!