Sunday, 28 August 2011

Thank You

  • to all who posted comments for my eldest's thanksgiving RAK... We will announce the winner as soon as she wakes up LOL

Yesterday was something to be really thankful for. My long time friend, E, has started scrapbooking recently and I really admire her enthusiasm because she invited some moms and their kids to a scrapbooking workshop. And, I had the privilege to "teach" these kids, I was really nervous because I am not really a good speaker. I think it is because I am very insecure with my English. For some reason, it takes time for me to process the English sentence I am about to say. Hahaha. And, it's not about Lotus Domino/Notes, I do training at work but that's a subject matter that I've been working on for 12 years (gosh! I even had the guts to admit my geekiness).

Anyway, despite my inept and awkwardness, it was more fun teaching kids about scrapbooking than conducting trainings LOL. After getting over my nervousness, I just rattled on what I know about scrapbooking though I think the kids almost fell asleep during the time I was telling them about it. I should have just skipped that part and went to the misting demo by Sister C which was a huge success. The kids seemed to like it! Who wouldn't! Misting is like magic!

We then proceeded with the 9x9 layout. The layout is suited to kids (with their moms! hehehe). The moms did most of the cutting jobs while the kids pasted. They had fun putting double sided tape and making the elements pop out. What I realized is that kids have their own way of expressing an idea. Though, there were three clouds, some cut four which I really, really appreciate! Because I told them that although there's a sample, they do not need to copy it element by element. They can make it their OWN! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP! I am really so proud!

This was the finished layout by my friend, E. This is the sample that we showed to the class. I didn't save the sketch I did LOL as I drew it in a post-it note. Hahaha.

Again, thank you to my friend, E and her CFC friends for giving me this opportunity!

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