Sunday, 4 December 2011

December to Remember : Oh Christmas Tree!

We were kinda late in putting up a Christmas. In fact, my not-so-sentimental hubby didn't want to put one at all! But, we had to insist, since it's our first Christmas here!

I was very happy to find the DIY Christmas ball. Good thing, I have some family photos with me. And, of course, I can't fail to mention the butterflies... That was a good find! I was thinking to add one everyone. I hope I get to find them every year. Hehehe.

My daughter asked me why are we putting butterflies in our Christmas tree? Hmmm, my answer was ~~~ Butterflies are pretty like you and Bebi A. Ok, not so profound... But, I just had to put them.

I've been seeing a lot of butterflies lately, at our backyard which looks like the untamed wild now hahaha and while walking outside. When butterflies visit, I feel like a friend is visiting me. I just get this nice, "it's a good day" feeling.

So, now, I just look at the colorful butterfly ornaments and I feel that it will be a good life.

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liliput said...

I love the butterflies! =) nice touch =)