Friday, 23 December 2011

December To Remember : Ingredients

I love to cook. But, the thing is, I am not type to make substitutes. I get scared of the outcome (aka "pintas"). For our Christmas Eve celebration, I decided to create a favorite Filipino dish during the Christmas holidays --- "Embotido" or meatloaf.

Bebi A couldn't helped gushing as I prepare it. What with the Spam, Franks, cheeze that I added, all of which are her favorites. But, I am digressing... The thing is, I couldn't find sweet pickle relish. I bought pickled Gherkins from the supermarket but when I tasted it, it was different or maybe because I didn't buy the sweet one.

I have tried the mixture and it was lacking of tangy/sweet thing. Or is it all in my mind? I am waiting for the Filipino store to open and ask if they have it. But, that's another trip which my husband will probably shake his head off. How I miss Singapore's buses and trains, well even the taxi!

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