Thursday, 1 December 2011

December to Remember : Home Sweet Home

Pardon the lack of projects but most of my scrapbook materials are still out there in the ocean or maybe sea. I am awaiting eagerly for them to come. I miss them so much...


So. HELLO from Down Under!

We still don't have internet connection yet and I am connecting via Iphone which I'd say works pretty well for me. The speed is bearable and I am even on VPN at this point. VPN because I WAS SO EAGER BEFORE to start work. Now... It's a different story. Hehe.

The house that Pre found is very simple, it's out in the suburb, near the supposedly school where we want the girls to go to. Unfortunately, we were too late and they don't have a slot for Dawter T in level 4. I was quite worried and instead of being happy that our family is finally together, I threw a tantrum. Hehe. Yes, I did! I think the first time ever! Well, it didn't last very long coz my husband won't allow it to. He talked to me seriously, he didn't raise his voice but asked me to talk to him. I was so happy with this change in him, being far for a few months does wonders, hehehe...

My work is with the same company, they rehired me on contract basis. I work from home for a few months. Hopefully, for 12 months hahaha as the office is quite far from our place.

It's good to be back online even on a quota basis. I missed this blog. Hopefully I can get crafty soon!

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