Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December To Remember : The Good News

One thing that was keeping us on edge was that the girls don't have a school yet.

Our move starting from the time we left Melbourne in June til now was centered on our daughters' school. Pre and I were focused on the girls' adjustment. We wanted to enroll them in a school where they know someone. So, we planned on getting them into St. Peter Chanel. We just didn't realize THEN that it's not that easy.

  • When Pre got his job, I asked if we should still pursue the school since his job is in the EAST. The school is in the WEST. He said it's ok. He will manage.

  • When Pre was house hunting and couldn't find a house near the school, I wondered if we should just enroll them in another Catholic School. He said we'll find one. Have faith. We did find one. Not our dream house. We will manage.

  • When we came to Melbourne to start our new life and was told that there are no more slots for level 4. We were devastated. It's like everything that led to this was just not worth it. But, Pre said they will get in, let's just have faith. I called the school a number of times, pleading until the principal emailed me that they really don't have a slot for level 4 but there's a student who might be leaving and that will free up one slot. He will contact me if the family confirms their decision.

  • And, as for myself, I decided to just pray and wait (but with a little anxiousness on the side). Until yesterday when I couldn't take it anymore. I sms my friend B and she said she'll come with me to the other school. I told her that I will just a get a recommendation letter from the priest but I emailed the principal again, hoping he will answer with good news. My girls took their time taking a bath and we ended up going there at around 11AM. The parish secretary greeted us and she informed us that the priest said mass somewhere. As we were walking away, I was thinking maybe we don't need the letter anymore, maybe St. Peter will have a slot.

  • We went home, tired after a 20 minute walk (to and fro). Trying to pacify the girls, I allowed them to create cards on Smiggle website (AGAIN!) I started to work and then lo and behold... An email pop up on my screen ~~~ from the principal. I was bracing myself for not so good news but before I opened it, I said a little prayer. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that he has good news for me. Hahaha. I jumped up and down, did a little jiggy dance, my girls looked up but resumed their "work" on their Smiggle's card. I told them the good news but they just smiled at me. Huh! Funny Moment!

  • That lifted a little thorn (okay, big thorn) on my chest! The priest called me in the afternoon, I don't even know where he got my number but he confirmed that I can just bring the girls to St. Peter, that everything is alright now. That I don't need a letter for the other school.

God works in mysterious ways, but I know his continuous work in me. I never learn. I never fathom that he wants me to be PATIENT and to ALWAYS PUT MY TRUST IN HIM. I always had to do something. And, my something is not enough until HE DOES HIS WAY.

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Praise God! =)

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