Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blog Your Heart

While working overtime (yes, I was working but waiting for the server to start up), I blog hopped to one of my favorite scrapper/writer --- Stephanie Howell, and found her post about blogging from the heart... I decided to take part about what's in my thoughts and what's happening lately...

  1. I couldn't believe how fast the days are... I am a bit worried because I spend long hours at work lately. I have so little time to follow-up on my things to do for the move. I haven't really found an international mover yet. I haven't prepared for the resale appointment. Though you'll give me a star for following up with my boss if I can stay with my current company. That's the bright light amongst the pile of to do's.

  2. I just want to share about this. Yesterday, I had a good prayer time. I prayed for some important things, and some important people. And, it was so funny, a breakthrough came just when I told the Lord that I am letting go. I've been worrying about it for quite some time, and now, I am ashamed of myself BUT HAPPY. Hahaha...

  3. Last Saturday, we watched one of my favorite cartoons, SMURFS. It made me cry... La La LALALALA La La La La...

  4. The girls are doing great! My Bebi A had cough and it just suddenly disappeared after 3 swimming lessons. Hmmm... Should I still believe her pedia? He told me never to bring her swimming if she has cough. Well, it's gone now. Dawter T has been eating well and we told her that her tummy's getting big. She's becoming a little lady and it is evident from all the changes her body is undergoing right now.

  5. On the scrappy front, I am doing a mini-album from scratch. I am very happy with the result. And, I thank my friend, E, for giving me this opportunity. Hehehe. I will be helping E on her scrapbook party and this album is the sample. I hope to incorporate techniques that would entice the guests to follow through with scrapbooking.

  6. My server is still not up but hopefully it'll be anytime now.

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