Thursday, 26 June 2008

Stamps Delight

A few days ago, just to lure them away from watching too much tv and playing online games. I enticed my girls to play with my Imaginisce and OA stamps. Bebi A wanted to use "the one with numbers" --- errmmm, the Imaginisce calendar hahaha while Dawter T asked permission to use the OA dog stamp.

Dawter T is quite a responsible stamper. She knows how to clean them up. Whereas Bebi A, slippery fingers and all, accidentally stamped additional designs on our bed sheet. Hehe.

After a few more accidents and stamping galore, Bebi A became content on just looking at her Ate while she stamps birds, swirls for her. Then, before lights off, Dawter T arranged her stamped images beside her bed. Those were her treasures for the night. While Bebi A, with her "milky" on hand, forgot all about it.


Benga said...

kakatuwa nmn c ate, artist in the making!

Chipmunk said...

Ang cute naman ng kwento mong ito. Parang na-alala ko rin nung bata pa kami ng mga sisters ko. And hopefully the same will be experienced by my kids. You're such a creative mom! TFS!