Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oh Software!

Pre was in a not so good mood last night after I told him that we cannot download the photos from his camera. We have 2 different Canon cameras at home, one is an EOS300D and an Ixus 950IS. He installed the software that came with the EOS and I installed the one that came with the Ixus. Then, our Selphy came and I installed the software for that too. Since I am usually the one taking pictures using the Ixus and downloading the pictures to our PC, it worked without any problem.

Yesterday, I used the EOS to take a photo of one of my layout. I was quite excited because I want to see the difference with the one taken by the Ixus. Oh well, the EOS software just won't start.

So, back to the original topic, he tried to reinstall eveything. And, the verdict, the EOS software cannot start up. And, I couldn't ask him to reinstall the software for Ixus and Selphy because I know he will let me have it hahaha since I was the last one who installed, wahhhhh... But, I need to print tonight!

Is it because of Vista? But, I remembered being able to download prior to the time I installed the software for the Selphy. Huhuhu... I hope we find the solution soon.

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