Friday, 20 March 2009


Dawter T called me up and told me that Bebi A tore her art and made a monster out of the girl in the picture. I know that it's not being mean. Bebi A doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She just don't understand.

I talked to Bebi A. Asked her to kiss and make up with her Ate, She did. Ate A told me that she went up to Dawter T and kissed her, then asked "Is this better, Ate?" Awwww...

Dawter T's "smashed" art was one of her best. I was really impresed. If only I have taken a picture of it this morning. It was really beautiful. It was a portrait of a girl, by the way. I hope that Dawter T can still replicate it.

I know that not all kids are alike. And, my daughters have their own endearing qualities. One's art is different from the other. Dawter T has the potential (not because I'm her mom, ok ok, it maybe because I'm her mom hahaha) and Bebi A's, well, let's just say abstract. Hehe.

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