Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sketch 203

Our weekend was a bit hectic. All day Saturday, we were busy --- busy watching Korean telenovela! I hate my sister for giving me the dvd. *wink* Once you start, you can't stop! I started at 8AM Saturday and we finished the whole thing by 11PM. Whew!

Sunday, we went to church and stayed there until 3pm to attend the Christening of my godson, JJr. Then, we went to celebration after. It was during the celebration that I got inspired to scrap about Bebi A. (Oh ok, I cheated a bit hahaha I already have Bebi A's photos printed, I just needed the push hihi)

Here's the heartwarming, gut wrenching story. For all parents out there, I am very sure that this is typical scenario among your kids.

The celebration was a 3-in-1 party. Baptism-Housewarming and 8th Birthday party. So, they also gave out loot bags to the kids. Dawter T got a Winnie the Pooh stationary set while Bebi A got a Minnie Mouse set. Being 8 years old, I can understand Dawter T, she's just not into Pooh anymore. She WANTED the Minnie Mouse set and has been persuading Bebi A into exchanging with her. Well, Bebi A was adamant with her NO. Dawter T was already making faces so to avert a scene. I talked to Bebi A. I told her to give the Minnie Mouse set to her "ate" (older sister), I mentioned that Pooh is for 4-5 years old (hehe) and Minnie Mouse is for 7-8 years old. She still told me that she doesn't want to give it to Dawter T.

After a few minutes, she talked to her "ate", she gave the Minnie Mouse set. Awwww. Then, I asked her if she likes Pooh now. She still said NO. She just want her "ate" to have it. Then, she will just give the Pooh set to her friend. Double Awwww.

Both Pre and I felt happy for Bebi A's love for her "ate". I just pray that she will stay that way and that Dawter T will appreciate it and love her more.

Here is Pamela's sketch 203 for Scrapbook Challenges. This is also my entry for Scrappers AT SG's Challenge #34 which was issued by the lovely Emeline Seet.

And, Yes, I did journal. Told you, I would!


Jolanda said...

ah,such a nice pictures!Love the l/o!!very sweet!

Dress To Scrap said...

Cute layout! i miss the girls! hugs from me!

Benga said...

katuwa naman c andi, cuteness and kindness all in one :)
Great LO, those WRMK pps are soo cute, I still have a few pieces I can't let go hahaha