Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good To Be Back

Though slightly jet-lagged... I felt that my body clock had adjusted better this time than the last time I was in the States.

Looking back, I had a very depressing first 4 days, I was sleepy, "dinner-less" and was welcomed at the hotel by some creature which I don't particularly like from the insect world. Hehe. It did a 360 though by Thursday and from then on, my trip went by fast. Couldn't believe that 20 days had passed... tsk tsk... I felt I did nothing most of the time, most days I went directly to the hotel, watched my fave shows (yahooo!!!) Most of my friends asked me WHY I DIDN'T SHOP??? hahaha I am asking that myself but I only have to look at my wallet for the answer. Hehe...

Went to Las Vegas on my first weekend. Got the chance to go to M&M store hehehe. Also won 30+bucks at the slot machine. Not bad. That's for my taxi fare from the airport to the hotel in Austin. Hahaha.

Then my second weekend (+ 3days hehehe) was spent with my relatives and friends in San Francisco. A few hours after the plane touched down SFO, my cousins and I went on a night cruise. Went to Treasure Island, Giant's stadium and ate sundae at Ghirardelli. Afterwards, I was snoring at car already while they pass by Union Square. Couldn't keep my eyes open. In my defense, I just came from Austin and there's time difference. Hahaha.

The next day (Saturday), despite sleeping late. I met up with one of my BFFs and we went to Monterey. Had so much fun catching up with her, friendships like that are very rare, time and distance doesn't matter. We ate yummy seafood at Monterey then cruised 17th Mile Drive! Monterey and Carmel is very beautiful, it made me miss my husband and daughters. Wish they were there with me.

Sunday, we were surprised by my cousin whom we were supposed to surprise... We were planning to give her a surprise mini-shower... We were supposed to have our nails done together. Well, she had hers in the morning. The bride to be had to wait for me and my cousin R while we had our pedicure hahaha But, in the end, we had a great time eating at Elephant's Bar (so much food --- gluttony, I tell ya!) and buying stuffs at Target! Love my pink Cutterbee scissors! Then, we ended up oohing and ahhing cousin B's scrap nook. So much toys and goodies to play with!

The next day (Monday), we were up early to attend my beautiful cousin's wedding! Still can't get over the yummy fries I had during the reception!!! Hahaha...

SFO's city hall was so beautiful, I just wished that cousin R and I were able to see the mayor! Hahaha... I am so happy for Cousin B and Kuya P!

I really had so much fun and I have to thank my grandma, aunts/uncles, and cousins for it. My colleagues said that I am darker. Well, well, I seem to bring the sun/heat in Austin and San Francisco. The day I left, the fog rolled in. Hahaha...


Jolanda said...

nice pics!!!
Glad you're safe bach!!

Dress To Scrap said...

We miss you!

Sonia said...

Love your Vegas photo at M & M's store.. is one of my favorite store. I love Las Vegas.