Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I joined the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME!

Hi there! Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME is ongoing! Hope you can have fun with us and answer the MEMEs posted by the design team!

Here are my answers to some of the MEMEs :

What is your favorite or most recent Etsy purchase and who are your favorite Etsy sellers?
Love that through Etsy, lots of creative minds have been given opportunities to share and sell their stuff. Haven't indulge myself yet though. *grins*

What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?
This is for my class adviser during my senior year in High School...

"You paved the way to where I am now. You are an inspiration because after all that you've been through, you've bounced back and you're stronger than ever. Your life is a picture of perseverance, strength and confidence. You helped me believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to. And of course, you taught me that Algebra and Physics can be fun too! Hehe... I am so glad that we're friends after all these years. Thank you very much for everything!"

Did you marry your first true love?
Yes! My husband is first and last love! Despite the quirks and the misunderstandings, life with him has been wonderful! We have our shares of ups and downs, we laugh and cry, we talk a lot. "He completes me"... (from Jerry Maguire)

FOUR random examples as to what makes me, me.
* I am actually very shy. I am usually seen at the back of the room trying to blend in the background. Huh! But, once you get to know me, I can talk a mile a minute, laugh out loud and you'll have a friend for life. *wink*

* One of the things I love in my current workplace is that I can come to office in jeans and Birks/flipflops.

* I love potato chips but I haven't eaten one since June 2008. I do eat french fries though.

* I cry easily. You can catch me sniffing while reading or watching tv/movie.

A story about a favorite pet:
I never really had a pet but we had a few dogs while I was growing up. The one that I have fond memory of is our Pekignese, "PX". Her previous owner called her "Lavern". And everytime we call her that, she will tilt her head, trying to be cute! Hehe!

What are your favorite WORDS or word that you find yourself using most frequently?
Living in Singapore for almost 12 years made me acquire one of their phrases "AIYOH". (It is most commonly used to express dismay hehehe...)

Is there somebody out there in this world that you once knew or still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? There may be more than just 1 person out there, maybe you're the silent and shy type, maybe you won't say it because you know that they already know what you feel. Who is this person and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment? (LOVING words ONLY!)
"I was never angry, never dismayed. In fact, we should be thankful as to how life paved for our blessings. Everything happened for a reason and we should always look at the positive side of things."

Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who?
Unfortunately, I haven't met any yet.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?
Too many crushes hahaha one of them is Ryan Reynolds. Not sure why but I love his movie, "The Proposal".

What's your guilty pleasure?
You can see the answer in my post below.

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Jolanda said...

Nice to read about you!!!!You're a sweetie...hope too meet you one time and go to the movies so we can snif toghter.....i'm also a fast cryer!!!

Lynnette Davis said...

I consider myself shy too but when I get to talking I can talk a mile a minute as well andyou wouldn't even think I was a shy person. It's funny isn't it?

Sad to say, I'm a cryer too!

Mo said...

loved reading your answers! wow, wish i could wear jeans to work! i too am a cryer!

Kristina said...

I love Ryan Reynolds too!!

liliput said...

Also love "the proposal" movie and ryan reynolds!! =)