Saturday, 16 February 2008

My Husband

It's hard to make a boy layout. Though it's ok to put flowers, I tried not to. I wanted a "manly" feel. However, my {being a girl} kicked in and I had to add a paisely, hahaha...

Materials Used :

Colormates Blue cardstock, Stemma Husband, Three Bugs In A Rug Seeing Stars-Star Stripes, Basic Grey Phoebe, AC Thickers, Photo Ends, FontWertz Stamp, Three Bugs in A Rug Coasters

1 comment:

Benga said...

naks hanswit! naku mahirap tlga boy page, ur choice of colors are great and even adding paisley is ok manly pa din pramis! I like what you did to hihglight the husband ang tyaga!