Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Thoughts to Ponder

I am glad that I have finished my March non-scrap related but life-changing To Do's (until the wee hours this morning). And, a brand new month has started. I am walking like a zombie today due to lack of sleep but a friend whom I talked to this morning made me feel better. Whatever happens, it's part of God's plan.

I always believe that. It is just that sometimes, when you get disappointed, you cannot help but sulked a little. But, a few weeks or months after, you will see the whole picture. God let it happen so that another great thing will happen.

I haven't been scrapping lately (though I've been hording on the side hahaha)... I managed to create a simple wedding card for a colleague. Hopefully, the couple will like it!

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liliput said...

hope everything's fine..