Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Scrappers AT SG is ONE!

Times flies fast and after a year of sourcing venues, sending tons of emails regarding food and prizes, we're finally 1 year old on the 14th!

Scrappers AT SG was founded by Benga and Abiik. From what I remember, they attended a class at MWL, and with the constant prodding of Cute#1 for them to teach her new found stuffs, Benga and Abiik decided to invite friends to share about altered arts (naks!) and scrapbooking. And, so it happened on the 14th of April 2007 at Central Grove function room.

It then became a regular thing as one scrapmeet led to another. Then, we started a blog and yahoogroups to cater for the monthly challenges and group communication.

It was great meeting new people and learning new things about scrapbooking. The amount of photos I have are still many but slowly, with the help of these people who became my friends, I manage to transform them into layouts which I hope my daughters will be proud of later.

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