Friday, 22 August 2008

Dawter T is 6!

Happy 6th Birthday to my dear princess! I cannot believe how time flies.

She has grown up to be a very good daughter (though she continuously tries our patience because of her eating habits), a sister who cares and a friend who's very thoughtful.

She's still young in our eyes. She loves art and I hope she pursue this. I am amazed by her creativity and sometimes couldn't believe that it comes from her. She loves watching tv (who doesn't!) and would always insist to turn to channel 33 or 34 (arghhhh!). She's very adept in computer and can even draw through MS Paint hehehe.

She loves bread more than rice. She can eat three Bread Talk Cheese bread in one sitting. She can finish half of Gardenia's raisin loaf. She just doesn't get fat hehehe let's give thanks for that... But, Sister C always tell me that she and I were skinny when we were young and look at us now! Hahaha...

I am at work as I write this. I wouldn't be able to join Pre, my daughters, Sister C and Ate A as they trek to St. Francis later for Dawter T's school celebration. I am terribly sad. The good thing though is that Pre would get to see the celebration.

"Thank you, Lord for another year! Please continue to bless Dawter T."


Benga said...

Happy Birthday to Ate Thea! May God continue to bless her :)

liliput said...

Happy Birthday Ate Thea!!

Edleen said...

Happy Birthday to your now 6yr old!!! May God Bless Her and your Family Always Sookie :)

Cute#1 said...

Hapi Bertdey ALTHEA! =)