Wednesday, 20 August 2008

One Off My Checklist

My life is a bunch of lists nowadays --- I get to strike off one as I have finished Dawter T's goodie water bottles. We had a good find at last month's toy sale at Takashimaya. We bought Power Puff (yes Dawter T likes them!) and Power Rangers waters bottles to give to her classmates on Friday. I try to give away something that would be of good use. Dawter T, my ever creative lass, thought of putting some candies and biscuits inside the water bottle. What a great idea! I don't need to put them in paper/plastic bags. So, what I did was to use my scraps of paper, crimped (using Mareng M's gift) then put her classmates' names on it. Voila! Instant Goodie bottle!

Like what Mareng M said, probably next year, Dawter T will be making her own goodie bags hahaha

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