Thursday, 9 October 2008

Scrap Star

We've shared a number of years in HDB but we're from different units so it's very seldom that I got to talk to her. Then, we've become roommates once. But, since I was preparing for my wedding then, I guess, my mind was off to my wedding dreamland.

Fast forward to 2003, she and my hubby became close friends (that's when I moved to a new office, I guess you can say I monopolized my hubby's time hahaha). On 2005, she became Bebi A's godmother.

Last year was the turning point. I became so crazy about scrapbooking and got to talk to her a lot about it. Then, I went back to my ex-office where she is working also. So, lunch times became long conversations about life and office hours were about chatting on YM (shhhhh, we worked also!) and you all very well know what we do on Thursdays hahaha

I admire her. She has become a model to me of what a good daughter is. She's very close to her parents. She's very patient to friends (especially me!) and she has become an inspiration scrapbooking-wise.

So, without further ado. My Scrap Star!

I used cupcake papers (the scallop at the right) and SEI papers which I love so much and has probably seen in a number of my layouts lately. My fave in this layout is the title, loved stacking some of the AC Thickers. I also did some stitching. For those who know me knows I am not a "sewing" person. I haven't finished any cross-stitch patterns in my life and my sewing projects in grade/high school were all done by either Tita E or Mamay. But, I loved how the cross stitch on the journal blended with the LO.

Thanks for looking!


Benga said...

I'm blushing! :) I'm lost for words hehehe thanks and I'm really thankful to up above for letting us cross our paths, naks!

liliput said...

Beautiful LO for a Beautiful Person (inside and out) :)

Lydia said...

You did a fabulous lo for the scrapstars challenge.

Simona said...

Awesome, totally love this LO!!!

Mollie said...

This is flippin sweet! :) I love it! Especially your title... Too cute! Thanks for participating at ScrapStars! You did an awesome job!