Monday, 13 October 2008

Weekend Was A Blur

Weekend passed by in a snap. Why Oh Why? It was so hard getting up this morning especially when we had a whole day affair yesterday.

We went to mass at 11AM then went to Suntec to attend New Creation Church. But because Bebi A got a bit "daddy-sick and mommy-sick", she cried while she's in the Bible class which led to us being called by the moderator. I was so worried because the moderator said she threw up. Good thing, Pre had the presence of mind to ask the teacher to tell us what happened. At least we know that it's because she cried that's why she had that accident.

After that, we just waited for Dawter T to finish her Bible class then met with Papa, Mama and Sister C at Millenia.

We didn't get to attend the whole thing at New Creation but it was a different experience. I hope we get to go again.

When we arrived home, I finished my layout for Sketch 112. I actually started Saturday night but there was something missing. Then, I remembered that patterned paper that I had. A sneak peak of my take for Sketch 112. It'll be out later at Scrapbook Challenges.

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Benga said...

wow peek pa lng yummy na! I'm seeing pink sana makagawa din ako ulit ng pink LO