Monday, 3 November 2008


It's 3 AM and I am still up. Need to wake up by 6AM wahhhh.

A short (I hope) recap of what I was up to during the weekend. The plane touched down US soil at 9AM, Saturday. Encountered no problem with my entry, thank you, Lord! My colleague gave me a run down of what happened to her and I am just so fortunate that I didn't encounter it. I was out in SFO's Domestic Terminal 3 by 930AM. I sms my SFO relatives and my grandma was so surprised to see me. Well, that was what I wanted. My tita told her that they need to pick up a package at the airport. Hehe. They accompanied me while I wait for my flight to Austin. I was so happy to see Lola C, Tita A, Tito R (who drove to pass me their spare cell phone),Cousin R, Cousin B and Kuya P! I am so excited to see them again on the 15th.

When I reached Austin later in the afternoon. I was just so tired. But, when the cab passed by Target and Jo-Ann, a shrill of excitement passed by my veins mwahahahah. But then, when I reached the hotel, I just wanted to just crash in my bed. But, I was so hungry and I was too chicken to go out yet in the dark. I tried to sleep off my hunger but woke up at 3AM so I just ate the peanuts I bought and the dried mangoes. Hehe.

Sunday, I quickly took a bath because I want to catch the 930AM mass at St. Louis. I ate some bread for breakfast which was free from the hotel package. But, mind you, I was craving for some garlic rice and corned beef. I dunno why I was thinking of that. Haha.

I saw my Shanghai colleagues whom I would carpool with. They asked me where I am going for the day, told them I don't have plans yet aside from going to church. So, they waited for me and we went to Downtown Austin. We went to the State Capitol and the Museum (can you see me going there?). Good thing, the security expert J treated us hehehe Managed to get some souvenirs for my loved-ones but that was after 2.5 hours of walking around the museum. Oh well. Next time I know better. Don't get me wrong though, it was fun taking pictures and getting to know Texas. Learned a lot yesterday! However, in the next few days, I think I would stick to the places I love --- Jo-Ann!!! Target!!!


vj said...

see! you don't need a jacket in austin yet. =) did you check with united yet? i think it's $75 to change. you should try to do it asap, para may seat pa. =)

liliput said...

helo mami soox :) Good to hear that you arrived safely.. Enjoy and take care! mwah!

liliput said...

mami soox! ang haba na pala ng buhok mo!! grabe ganon na tayo katagal na di nagkikita? gosh :p