Tuesday, 4 November 2008

So Happy

The announcement definitely woke me up! *wink* I heard the on-call phone beeped so I even though it's 4AM here, I had to get up and check if it's something I need to look at. It was not! Thank, God! But, of course the lure of scrap blogs made me sit down and check my fave links and found this happy news! *wink again*

Thanks to Scrappin Kids for picking All of Us as one of their Challenge #13 winners. Woohoo! Thank you, thank you! It's one of my personal favorites and I am really, really happy!

Congrats to Vivs and Janis too!


On the work front...

I am a cross between an introvert and extrovert hehe I am very SHY at first. I am quiet. But, once I become comfortable --- I tend to talk --- a lot! I was really quiet with the branch admins, most of them guys. And, the two other ladies were cool admins as well as fashionistas from France and Taiwan. So, I felt really left out. Haha. I don't know who to talk to. Good thing my Hungarian teammate was like a guardian angel who sat beside me for the first session. My 2 Hungarian teammates are actually my angels when I am at work because they're my F1 Hehe. Wish they both had come to the conference.

So, it was my first day at our corporate HQ. And, boy, was I shocked when I saw the place! I was thinking of 3 buildings near each other, I didn't realize that the HQ was a big compound. Building part apart. I guess Austin has vast land that they can afford that kind of size. I was so proud to be part of the company.

And, coming face to face with my teammates were just great. Love, love K! That's the other lady in the team. She made me feel welcome, talked to me about anything. And, she had a laugh when I told her I wanted to go to the "comfort room". She said that in the US, they call it "Ladies", "Men's", "Women's". Oh ok, I really have a lot to learn hehe. The other guys were cool and I guess it's just that because we have a cool boss. (Please please, let him not pick on me on today's meeting) And, the best thing is --- I am the thinnest of them all! Mwahahaha!

The Austin guys who coordinated the whole event were amazing. Very friendly and they really looked after us. Lunch was Mexican food from Taco Deli. Don't laugh but all along I thought when you say Taco, it's that curvy tortilla with minced pork, lettuce and stuff. So, I was kinda looking around as to how they eat the whole lunch time.

And, dinner was sponsored by NI again. We had pizza at the conference room plus the boss' brought their Xbox and Wii!!! Oh my, I fell in love with that Rock Star Xbox game! It's so cool (especially for someone who's not into video games).

This is really an amazing experience for me. And, what's more sweet about my day was capping it at Jo-Ann! Need I say more? Nah! Best to let you imagine how I checked aisle per aisle of scrapping goodness at 30% off. 'nuff said. *wink*


Vivs said...

Congratulations to you too Sookie!! Absolutely adoreee your take for last SK entry.

Wati Basri said...

congrats sookie! totally deserve it :)