Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Night Owls

This is probably the most unproductive month for me, scrapping wise. I have only created ONE, yes ~~~ uno, isa, ee... Been busy with guests, with birthdays and with Farmtown. Hahaha... I hope to create on the next few days.

Please join us at Scrapbook Challenges. This sketch was created by the fabulous Cathy!

These two girls can sleep very late. If we let them, they could watch tv and play computer all day long. Hahaha.


Benga said...

wow so cute!!!! another sassafrass eyecandy! i love the sketch too! sana makasali ako, enaf of the farming muna hahaha!

Cathy said...

thank you for doing my sketch, after I posted it I thought maybe it was too simple, but Pamela ususally keeps them simple

happy weekend.

Lydia said...

Great page I love all that sass, and great sketch too!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

exacty like mine.. i make them go to bed at 8.30 though.. LOL..