Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What a Day!

ABC 123 is POTW at Scrapbook Challenges! It really made my day! Though I woke up with just 4-5 hours of sleep. Bebi A had her asthma episodes so it was a sleepless night, checked her often to make sure she's ok. I took an urgent leave to bring her to the pedia. Then, went home afterwards.

I didn't touch my scrap supplies yesterday. I didn't open my office email. I didn't check my Blackberry. I only watched Season 1 of Private Practice and played Wii with Bebi A. I checked the web for spoilers for the upcoming season of Grey's and Private Practice. Then I cooked dinner. Nothing more, nothing less. I was trying to detress but come night time, I was anxious that my day of rest has come to an end and tomorrow's another day at the office.

But, an email from Mareng M this morning woke me up from laziness. Thanks, Mareng M!

1 comment:

Benga said...

congrats on the POTW, very cute frame for a very cute baby!
haaay grabe kids do grow up so fast!