Monday, 29 June 2009

ABC 123

Bebi A was 3 months old here. I can't believe that in 7 days, she will be 4 years old. She continues to be our sunshine, the one who always wakes up with a smile, who makes us laugh with her funny antics, who dances when we ask her to, who likes to follow Dawter T around.

This Ikea frame was altered using Scrap Within Reach Emerson and Elliot lines. The little girl is from Maya Road, and the Jack in the Box was made by moi (don't you just love him? Hehehe...) The balloons were traced from my Dew Drops ink hehehe, the super cute chipboard alphas are from Scrap Within Reach.

The eyes of both the clowns and the little girl are from Doodlebug stickers. I always try to use even the sticker negatives. The little girl's eyes are from the letter the W (the in between hehehe) then I just used my black pen to make the eyes. Dawter T laughed at my doodle, being the high and mighty that she is when it comes to drawing. She wanted me to draw eyelashes and stuff but told her that's the best that I can do and I will stop there in case I make a booboo I will later regret. Hehe.

I am very happy with this frame. And, this will be placed besides all our other frames on top of our computer table. My next project is for Dawter T, she wants a princess themed frame.

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach Emerson Dress Up
Scrap Within Reach Emerson Summer Crush
Scrap Within Reach Elliot Sandbox
Scrap Within Reach Emerson Chipboard Alphas
Maya Road Girls Keychain Set - Girl
American Crafts Thickers (clown nose, party hat top)
Doodlebug sticker (lips of the girl and the clown)
DMC thread
Ikea Frame

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Claude said...

It's adorable, tfs!