Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Stop, Look, Listen ~ Daddy

With Father's Day coming, we want to surprise Pre with a brand new car. But, since we cannot afford it right now, I just created a post card for him with a convertible that's moving. How did I make it move? Underneath that car are 4 5 cents coins.

Materials Used :

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Industrial Loft

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park Market Street

Scrap Within Reach Industrial Park The Factory

Scrap Within Reach Elliot Big Wheel

Love, Elsie Forrest Bonfire

American Crafts Thickers Vinyl Vera

Colormates cardstock


Benga said...

a very clever idea on the moving car! for sure pareng maxx will be delighted to see and play with his new car ;)

Edleen said...

this is truly adorable Sookie! :)

i did a similar thing with our road trip album layout :D

have a Super Week!

Cute#1 said...

I also want that car! :) luv it sux! :)

liliput said...

this is so cute soox! ang galing!!

Cathy said...

cute cute cute, i love the little car