Sunday, 17 January 2010

I Feel Blessed

And, once again, another week passed me by and I have no projects to share. I am itching to cut and paste but been really busy --- at work, at home and at church --- I am assisting in teaching level 3 kids in our parish, we're preparing them for their first Holy Communion.

I miss making Pamela's sketches. Received news the Scrapbook Challenges will be having a Use Your Stash online crop! I hope I can join. Next week is pretty busy. Saturday is for Catechism class, then there's a shower party for Pre's High School friend, and Pre's close friend is coming over from the Philippines.

I am not complaining. I've got rewards this week. Last Wednesday, decided to make Strawberries N Cream. When Bebi A saw it, she said "You're the *besest* mom in the world!" Food is all that little girl can think about!

Then this afternoon, while Dawter T and I were preparing for Catechism. She asked me "Why do you want to be a Catholic teacher?" I think she doesn't know how to say Catechism.

I told her my reason. "We've been blessed with so many things and I felt that this is one way for me to give something back to the Lord." With that, she gave me a tight hug. Awwww... I was so pleased.

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