Friday, 26 March 2010

The Flip {Side}

This is my take for Scraplift the POTW Week 4. I really made a career out of this new challenge at Scrapbook Challenges. Is it too obvious that I LOVE the prize?! Haha...

I finally used those years old papers. There's just something with pink and green that makes it hard for me to let go of them. Made these last Wednesday then added the butterflies this morning. The butterflies seemed out of place but I just had to show off (hehe) my newly acquired Martha Stewart puncher hahaha I couldn't leave the house this morning without trying it out even though Pre was still sleeping (he's on leave, hmp!).

This is Dawter T when she learned to roll over. She's such a cuteee and there's just the wonder of first born that you document everything. (Sorry Bebi A hahaha I did take pictures but not as many as Ate's!)

Here she is now with Bebi A. If I don't threaten them, they wouldn't even look from the Nintendo DS. Time really does fly.


Benga said...

haaay onga prang kelan lang! dalaginding na c ate thea
katuwa tlga un puncher na un peram sa meet hahaha makikipunch
goodluck sa SC!

Jingle said...

Beautiful job!