Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 2 : Routine

We wake up and our hands instinct is to look for that mobile phone we've parted for a few hours. It sometimes takes precedence to "Good morning, God. Thank you for this beautiful day!" Technology has crept up in our lives.

I see my two daughters sleeping peacefully. I say good bye to my husband as he goes to work. I then prepare for work. Though we drag our feet to do all these. The routine has kept us sane. When life has thrown us some quirks, a part of us long for routine. I guess change and routine in inevitable part of life. One doesn't exist without the other. Or else, we'll be suffocated and overwhelmed.

But, I have to change the precedence. Before I turn on my phone, I have to greet God and thank Him for the wonderful day ahead.

note : all these will go to the december daily

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