Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 3 : Appreciate

With all the buzz that the world has created, sometimes we don't stop and think about the people we love. That a day shouldn't pass by without telling them I love you.

Let me just share this overwhelming love for the 3 closest people in my heart.

My husband. We are not perfect. In fact, we always argue, bicker... But, I love you. You have a way to put a smile on my face. You take care of me. You tell me things I don't want to hear and put up with the frown that forms in my face when I hear that I'm wrong. Only you can put up with that.

Dawter T. You are not showy. You quietly observe. But, you have a BIG heart. You don't want other people to be hurt. You always give and try to understand. You achieve more than we can hope for. You are the little lady we hope you to be. (Don't let mommy's scolding tell you otherwise. Hehehe)

Bebi A. What can I say but just seeing you smile makes our world happy? You are the sunshine amidst the cloudy days. Your hugs are medicine for a painful day.

1 comment:

Jolanda said...

awe Sookie,you have so much beautiful words!!!I love how you teel your story!!!
Have a very beautiful day and enjoy all the nice things in life!!!
And you forgot to tell about yourself (you must love yourself,before you can love anybody else!)'re an amazing person.loving,caring and always asking how other people feel,you're so special!!!Don't ever forget that!!!!I'm happy we have met...and wished we were neighbours!!!Have a very good day!!!
Love always,Jolanda