Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My January Resolution

Yes, only for January.

I've noticed that almost all my layouts for the past few weeks have swirls and flowers on it. And, I would like to break away from that for awhile... Well, until the end of the month, hehehe... So, I will shelve my flowers and swirls and will try new designs and possibilities. I hope I can do it though. I realized flowers have been my go-to embellishments and if I ran out of ideas, I tend to add it on.

What's yours? How do you break free from scrapping routine? Hehe...


Jolanda said...

i have done some paint the last days...i love it buth i hate the time it takes to dry!!
Have a nice day!!!

Sandy Ang said...

My projects have such a geometric look to them that I wish to be more organic and free. But it's tough to break from a natural style.