Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sketch 124

She's my childhood buddy. She's close to me like a sister. We shared toys (or not!), we played mud. Her home was in the same compound as mine. We went to the movies together. We've had food trips. We lazed around on Saturday and Sunday afternoons doing absolutely nothing. We would talk about our hopes, dreams.

After 21 years... She left for the States to be with family. It was a sad day. Although I know that we can still talk, can still write. It was different.

After a few years, she came back to the Philippines to be in my wedding entourage. But, we didn't get to talk much. I was busy becoming a wife hahaha. She also came here in Singapore last May. Seeing her happy made me happy as well. We talked, she shared her heartaches. She has gone through a lot. And, she's one brave lady. She's a fighter.

And, she's into scrapbooking now or should I say hoarding. Haha.

We were able to see reality of one of our dreams. One tight embrace at SFO airport confirmed it. For 2 weeks we were in the same continent, almost the same time zone that we get to spend chatting through YM during office hours hahaha.

Though we saw each other on Nov 1 at SFO airport, it was only on Nov 15 that we got to be together. She accompanied me to sights I've only wished to see. Most of all, I get to spend a few days with her. I will never forget that experience. Our dreams finally became real.


This is my take for Sketch 124 at Scrapbook Challenges. I urge you not to miss the challenges at SC this month. January prize is just awesome, sponsored by Chatterbox!

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Edleen said...

that's a lovely layout Sookie! the colours are great :)

hope you're having a good week!